The Problem with Banking

The problem with banking is that it requires only followers.  I am not sure how you expect to run efficiently with no leaders.

Without exception every team leader and manager I have met this year has been extremely mean spirited, thoughtless and inefficient.  This is not how to run any kind of business, never mind a business where working within strict guidelines and communication is so important.

I am done with it personally, it is not the fault of any of these people that this industry is in such a cripplingly bad state.

I welcome the disruption of Brexit.  It might actually force things to improve.  As it stands, this is the worst run part of the UK,  because it has been safe for so long.

Also, I have noticed since my hop and skip through the business, is that it is ass-backwards in terms of risk management.  I am not sure why the back end is so tightly managed that nobody is either happy or capable of any initiative, and yet the front facing end, which has by far the highest cost-risk implication is run as if it is of slightly less consequence than the average wine bar.

Please do continue to take on stupid inane people who can’t see beyond the end of their nose, and take an industrial scale nosedive, because frankly this business has so much money that they actively seek ways of disposing of it.  The people who benefit from this are largely very dull witted and there is no way of saving the industry as a result.

There are people starving to death in this country whilst you piss money at the nearest wall.  Personally I look forward to the long awaited reset of wealth and economic reshuffle which we sorely need in the UK and the rest of the western world.

That was a nice break, I think I will go and do some real work with some real people who aren’t closet racist/sexist, closed minded twats with no life to speak of.

For the benefit of my readers, I am doing some editing as I notice my ‘type fast and throw it at you’ technique is not so good for the reader.  Sorry about that, but it takes some front to put the stuff out there, so I tend to work too fast. I don’t enjoy quite a bit of what I do.



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They fired the first person yesterday

Things are pretty normal in Land of the Disposable People.  They fired the first of our team yesterday.  I assumed it would be me as the epicentre of potential trouble, but no, instead they went for a ferociously bright Muslim girl of 30 who is temporarily discombobulated by the fact that she is about to be forced into an arranged marriage.

She is quite difficult to have a direct conversation with because of her temporary confusion, but she has had some great jobs, so she certainly isn’t dim.

This is likely to continue for the next three months or so until they get rid of not only the team I am in, but the team they took on following it, which is even bigger, and the reason is nothing to do with our work, presentation, actions or manner.

No, the reason is that we are working for a global company, who used a global agency, who paid a global rate.

Since 2014 I have scanned the national job advertisements and there is now a significant difference, up to 100 percent in places in wages for the same job at the same company, just on the grounds of where you live in the UK.

Remarkably few people are aware of this, because most people have a significantly easier time finding work than I do.

This is because my CV indicates that I am likely to know more about the job I am doing than they do and employers do not like it. I was comparing notes with a 19 year old who tends to get the jobs I do not get, and he was horrified at the jobs I was not to be considered for.

That, however is not the point of today’s post.  The point of today’s post is that diversity statistics are maintained by companies who can say that they took on at the correct ratio via an agency, and then fire them by any means they feel like, because like me, these people have no rights. This is not useful, cheap or interesting.

I was informed by a 20 something man in a heavy metal t shirt and knee length denim cargo shorts of the dress code yesterday.  I did not laugh.

Explained the logo to some amused morons.  They still can’t explain to me why a joyful middle aged woman is so shocking.

What the fuck are you feeding yourselves? This is an ideocracy.



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And so the Brexit War truly begins …


Today’s news is not great.  With any luck however, it means that Theresa May is heading for retirement and the deal is not final yet.  We have to wait and see.

For the remainers and the nats that still read this now and again – here is why Brexit has been a good thing so far, regardless of the reasoning or cause:

  1. Half of the population demanding cheap holidays and claiming that the other half are racists for wanting the poor to have work in tourism and manufacturing is neither informed nor sensible.
  2. Do you know the difference between money in and money out?  The UK has run a trade deficit for decades, which has been used in part as an excuse for austerity measures, hurting the poor, disabled and elderly.  Not only have tourism and manufacturing revived, I am now able to work outside the UK and bring money in, which was not worth doing with a strong pound.  Even a child must understand that money flowing into the economy is better than money continuously being spent.
  3. 55% of Scotland were stupid and sufficiently badly educated about history to want to reject independence.  They frankly no longer deserve any consideration, which is why 1 in 3 of us moved on to consider the matter of whether the UK should be in the EU. In any case, a frictional position is far better in terms of long term future for Scotland.
  4. Brexit was never anything to do with immigration.  All that happens is that we get more immigrants from the commonwealth instead, the good thing about it was the stimulation of the unskilled sector, so that immigrants and the poor alike can actually eat.
  5. Whether the Tories are fighting or not is not really important given that the opposition haven’t been particularly effective, nor have they been remotely considerate of Scotland.

So now is the time for some action in terms of making sure that deal isn’t final.  A deal that suits nobody is utterly pointless.

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The NHS is going after Brexit

As someone who has obviously had to keep a very close eye on the job market of late, I think it is only right that I should tell you what Head Teacher May has planned for you after Brexit.

I was hoping it was a coincidence, but I think not.

The NHS is, as we know, being dismantled and handed to private interests to manage.  This, in itself is less of a problem, as it simply means that the bloated and inefficient NHS is handed to private companies who have to at least attempt to make it work efficiently.

However, jobs are coming up now which indicate that insurance companies and ’employee benefits’ companies from overseas have been given the green light to set up systems to sell you health insurance, or to provide it as part of an employment package. I will be talking to the third one that has shown interest later today.

So, now we know this, we look back at all those people dying under welfare and health policy alike, and we see that indeed, we are not at all paranoid, we are being streamlined in preparation for a more corporatist and by it’s very nature fascistic society.

Now I know that people like my brother, the giant and Little Shiva will not be at all worried about this because they lack the insight or life experience to percieve that this is not OK.  It doesn’t affect them, so of course it is OK.

There are millions like them.  It is an unforgivable stupidity. This is about self-interest for a very limited number of people and nothing else.

There are hundreds and thousands of people who need help, whether that is with health, welfare, self-worth, etc.  According to the financial vacuum that the Conservatives commandeer, these people are scheduled for death, and you are doing nothing about it.

I have been disabled by a couple of stupid people who have ensured that I cannot do anything about it, and in any case, my mother is already dead.

Welcome to America,

I hope all the people who damage others, and who actively vote for this shit die of an uninsurable condition.  Meanwhile, if you have any money, I suggest you get your insurance cover before you develop any illnesses.


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The Systemic problem with the EU in the UK

So, from  the ongoing train of thought that I have had whilst cooking the first Boris story, I have come to the conclusion that I have a handle on the systemic problem in the UK that prevents half the population from being willing to tolerate the EU project.

Not that that is a bad thing necessarily, because I am of the opinion that running a permanent trade deficit is insanity and no quantity of hedge fund managers is going to resolve that for most of the population as long as the English keep voting Conservative.

We have an unusual situation in the UK, as it is four countries, not one.  It is, despite the varying history and the complication of the Orange Lodge, really at the present time an occupation.  If it weren’t for the Orange Lodge, in it’s various shades, Northern Ireland would probably not have a problem with uniting with Eire, and we would not have morons setting fire to the Saltire in George Square and threatening terrorist activity if Scotland finally grows a brain and digs the new Suez along the border.

Talking of which, I am thinking of celebrating my great grandfather’s achievement at the end of  January, so if any Nats would like to message me on that basis, they are welcome to do so.  Provided they aren’t stupid inverted snobs, of course.

So, quite apart from the issues of sovereignty, the unwillingness to be part of a super-state and the stupidity of running a constant deficit at the expense of the poor to benefit the Square Mile, the biggest issue preventing the (in my view) smarter half of the English population from wanting to be part of Europe is the fact that our foolish Westminster government and the funders thereof have encouraged the English to think of themselves as occupying forces with subordinate nations who are not entitled to an opinion.

This is the viewpoint that has brought us to the position we are in, fuelled enormously, of course, by David’s rather rash decision to give the English a referendum on Europe.

Both referenda were daft, however we now know that there is extremely healthy support for my favoured option of simply creating two islands  🙂  and we are now in the process of attempting a split from Europe, whether it suits the credit card wielders who want to go on holiday or not.

So, we have an entirely faux superiority complex in England, new confidence in the other countries, a government who desperately need some actual talent to pull it off, which they of course cannot admit to without losing their perception of power.

As someone who guided themselves through a fairly broad brush yet extensive international history of English trading, I fully understand and support their wish to do that, that is what they are good at.

The sooner we dig the trench, however the better since I forsee it actually coming to the point of them attempting to occupy us if we don’t just lubricate and persist in taking it.

The way I have been treated recently is a case in point.  I am now functioning at director level, and they still retreat into “I don’t understand what you are saying” even when it is written in black and white for them to review over and over again.

This is the last refuge of the rogue who does not want to help you on the basis of your imaginary inferiority.  It is, with the benefit of considerable experience, fairly easy to subvert, so as a tactic it is doomed to failure not only by the directors, but by the UK.

So, David Cameron, in my view, should go down in history as the man who opened the gaping wound in the UK, which will ultimately lead to the machine becoming obsolete without careful guidance and direction from someone better at pretending to care.

Yes, that is me flirting.


Lotsa love,





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The Three Pronged Approach

So, we have three pieces of work on the go, all for Boris.

One short story, which is burning away at the moment, and is a little bit ‘Passport to Pimlico.’

One very romantic biography, which is very hazy on veracity.

One more serious piece of work, which I am regarding as a longer term job, which will be moving me into reality somewhat.  I am wary of this, as reality is not a lot of fun, however it is probably time I put my heart and soul into something constructive.

I am aware that my politics do not correspond with my interest in the British economy, however it all makes perfect sense to me.  I have spoken at length about this in the past, but the bottom line is that as far as I can see, my best option at the moment is to provide Boris with the relevant information as best I can, from which he can cherry pick, check back, discuss and otherwise digest what I have to say.  I hope he manages to find the time, but that issue is the reason for the treble whammy approach.  Much like a line drawing to full painting, in effect, with different tones and ways of communicating.

Readers who have read my stuff a few times will know that you get a different story on the second and third reading.  Even I am surprised at times, so this just seems to be my thing.  I am not going to stop and ask why I have the belief that this is the right person at the right time, or whether it is the right thing to do.  It feels right, past experience and current circumstances have led me to believe that I should roll with it.

Still a little artistically constipated, but usually a lot of writing sorts that out, so we shall see what happens.




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Sticking out from the Crowd

First published September 11th 2015

Today’s entry is on an entirely different subject, although I hope readers of the previous entries have given some thought to moving their money.

I had to do a lot of temporary contract work throughout university and afterwards, not only because I was older than everyone else, having had a previous career, but also because my pesky mother point blank refused to go to the doctor to deal with her heart problem and my father already had dementia by that point.  I was a late baby.

I could not help noticing that every office that I worked in seemed to contain a den of bitches, male and female, who seemed to regard me as bit of an alien.  Being a loner, this did not upset me as much as it might, however I came to believe after a few different offices that there was something seriously wrong with me, which made me retreat into my shell somewhat after having worked extremely hard to scratch my way to the top of my previous male-dominated career.

Employment agencies presented a range of similar problems.  The women who decided whether to put you forward for jobs were completely different animals from me, and could not seem to wrap their heads around the idea that someone who had run their own successful businesses had retrained.

This meant that the education that I had spent time and money on was pretty much meaningless in terms of gaining suitable employment from these people,  and so I was scuppered on both counts.  Nevertheless, I managed in my obsessive, compulsive way to keep myself in work by spending 7am to 11pm looking for jobs whether I needed them or not.  This went on for about 6 years.

My last job was as a banking consultant, a job which paid unusually well but involved working 3pm to midnight, six days a week.  Not satisfied with the idea that this was a result, I took on another two jobs, one as a government research interviewer, one as a corporate researcher. I viewed this, after the years of gypsy wandering, as the prudent way to go, so at one point I was making calls over breakfast, visiting people in their homes at lunchtime, feeding my father in the hospice, and then racing across the city to the bank to work until midnight.

Since I had always had quite a lot of control over my lot prior to gaining my additional education, it did not occur to me that there were rules associated with working in banks which had not been in place elsewhere.  I had had a couple of problems with large companies previously, when I had taken it upon myself to suggest changes which would save the company money and waste.  You are not supposed to do this.  You are supposed to be so petrified of losing your job that you say nothing even as several hundred, or in one case thousands of pounds per hour are being squandered right in front of you.  It was at one of these companies I was jokingly referred to as ‘the economist who hates money.’ I could explain why, but that would be another lengthy story.  I would rather be referred to as ‘the geek that hates waste,’ to be honest.

Anyway, back to the bank.  I was in a room alongside probably two hundred people, all earning a fairly vast amount of money, ranging from 1000 to 3000GBP per week and doing fairly basic clerical work.  As the deadlines were quite tight, I can confirm that it was fairly hard work, however I have worked as hard for minimum wage, if not harder. The problem arose when one of the printers broke down, and the entire room was left to cope with a vast amount of paperwork and only one functional printer.  As you can imagine, the queue for this printer became hot and very unpleasant extremely quickly, and so I took it upon myself to go to the project manager and request another printer.

A few minutes after I had done this, the well dressed and obviously well heeled team that I was working in expressed shock that I had done this.  Hadn’t I gone to the supervisor?  I was not supposed to talk to the manager.  I was also comparatively scruffy and regarded as something of an exotic flower in this team, since I did things other than banking for a living.  They were impressively shocked.

I don’t mean to sound quite such a grumpy old lady, but since I have been making this same point since I was quite young, it is not strictly an age issue.  What on earth has happened to the world?  The 1950s working generation were the most economically successful generation in world history.  Nobody is ever going to match the achievements in their lifetime.  People like my parents had choices, of where to work and how to work, and got respect for what they did that would be scoffed at now, and yet we are less efficient than ever.  We pretend that technology has made all things possible, and everything more efficient, and yet in productive terms, and in progressive terms, we have actually declined in efficiency.

The ‘blame’ and ‘yes sir’ culture is what caused the Bernie Maidoff situation in banking.  Guys in suits shaking hands with other guys in suits and not actually examining what they were doing.  And why oh why has nobody joined the dots about the banking crisis which immediately followed?  They talk about the problems with sub-prime lending but nobody dares mention that this happened at exactly the same time as the Maidoff scandal.  Far be it from me to point out that the bankers were following orders, and have been made scapegoats to the alleged crisis, but to me the real issue was the cultural issue, of stupid employing stupid and doing business with crooked.

If, like me, you stick out from the crowd.  If, like me, you don’t like waste and you don’t believe that your level of oiliness should determine success above your level of actual talent, then do not be ashamed of it.  You may never be rich in today’s cultural climate, but perhaps you are made for better things.

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Capitalism, Socialism and Corporatism

First published in 2015


The Resist Capitalism hashtag on Twitter has made me laugh for a variety of non-funny reasons. It amuses me that there is a backlash to an efficient brainwashing system that has led us to the point we are at today. If you care to go through some of the old economics articles from the cloud on this very blog, you will see that it is a topic close to my heart.

Having said this, the level of economic education displayed by some of the tweeters is woeful. Here is a brief line-drawing of how the economy developed from the cave until today.

First there were cave dwellers, who survived by hunting and gathering. As Hobbes said, life without cooperation was nasty, brutish and short, and large prey was difficult to catch without assistance. Therefore caveman A either killed caveman B, or grunted at him to assist him in bringing home the bison.

Cavewoman A and Cavewoman B were not much better, but survived marginally longer if someone was there when they gave birth. Hence humans learned to cooperate over simple tasks like not starving to death, drowning, being killed by animals or dying in childbirth.

As territories are finite when you are on foot, the local economy at this point was somewhat small and uncultivated, and so no permanent leader was necessary until more cavepeople joined the first few. At this point people assumed tribal roles.

Once we have a defined territory and tribal roles, cultivation becomes possible, leading to a pre-feudal scenario where division of labour reflects division of wealth.

The leader, picked by the tribe and thereafter either inheriting or taking the leadership role, makes decisions such as who wins the argument, when to fight other tribes, and what to show and tell visiting strangers. Therefore if anyone innovates, it makes sense to present the innovation to the leader, since he/she is more likely to figure out what the innovation is worth and how to go about maximising the benefit. Therefore, a pre-feudal scenario, whilst something of a wolfpack, is still vaguely fair, since there is an element of democracy simply by the fact nobody is volunteering to overthrow the leader.

As cultivation and toolmaking progresses, the economy develops into a feudal economy, and the innovations and quality of produce goes up. In theory, and in many cases in practise, wealth trickles down fairly readily to the cooperative peasants, since if it doesn’t the local, land based economic machine is very easy to stop if everyone agrees, forcing the feudal leader to capitulate to whatever the cooperative peasant workers want.

As this scenario develops, a smart leader uses people against one another and forms a militia, to protect the land holdings and maintain order. Maintaining the peace and an effective military force is made much easier if you have an organised religion to add to the mix. Nobody would have heard of Jesus or Mohammed if their armies had not kicked ass in the face of paganism or less well armed militia. Organised religion also provides a rudimentary education, healthcare and local orphanage services, and networks across Europe to share information in order to develop more efficient baby economic systems.

Cottage industry is really started with wives of useful sturdy peasants making yarn and textiles from home, travelling merchants paying for the items they produce, in order to keep them alive between payments from the leader, who is now considered to be a member of the landowning classes, due to his experience and violence in the course of time. Leaders of leaders are now selected, to enable several local economies to join forces to expand. Successful areas become richer, hold markets and pageants to show off their wares, and further benefits are enjoyed by the leader/landowner, who by now believes he has a given right to more than everyone else.

Cottage industries, gathering raw materials from the merchants rather than the landowners, become bigger with time, and gradually mechanise until townships form around bigger working units. Urbanisation commences, with supporting services such as gambling houses and brothels. Spare children from the original rural populations now go to the growing towns. At this point there is a need for the beginning of socialism, since a purer capitalist system is developing. As you can see, Socialism is simply the cooperative peasant workers reminding the leader/landowner/merchants/factory investors that since they cannot survive without the workers, the workers should be fairly treated.

Do you get it, yet? It is not, as you seem to have been told, a question of capitalism versus socialism. It is capitalism regulated by socialism, and rightly so. Problems with socialism arise when it becomes more complicated, and people forget that the entire system arose in the first place for everyone’s survival and not necessarily competition between competing interests of rich and poor. In no way should it be considered OK to starve out your supplying nations just because you can, or allow industry leaders to dictate when you go to war. Economic history is full of examples of the money dictating the mores of religion and nationalism. Never mind the war, look what the money is doing.

Another alarming feature of the twitter hashtag was the number of people who seemed to think that they were being presumptuous to discuss this. You have the time and the privilege of thinking about it. Unless you come from a fascist corporatist state, which many of you do, there is no reason why you cannot discuss alternatives to capitalism. However, it is not capitalism you should be resisting. It is corporatism. Corporatism is the road to a very real hell on earth, and it is reaching critical mass in Europe and the USA. All that GM pollen is rotting your brains.

Capitalism, on the other hand, is your democratic way of reversing the pickle we are all already in. Instead of handing your money to the same people every day, assuming that you are getting a better deal on your Iphone, tablet, broadband supplier, supermarket, bank, etc. you really ought to be considering who benefits. The only people who can stop the rich getting richer are you, the masses, and you do it by voting with your wallets.

Spend your money with wisdom. Stop supporting gargantuan companies that you know perfectly well tell your governments what, when and how to act. Stop supporting whore-politicians espousing the lies of corporatism, and stop assuming money means talent or wisdom, because it does not. Use less chemicals, and don’t think anyone genuinely cares about your new mobile or clothing, because these things do not matter as much as your fellow humans or descendants.

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Inappropriate Use of Bank Resources

Given that using email to er email people and using instant messenger to instant message people rather than risk yet more hysterical verbal interactions are supposedly not allowed at my previous job, I find it hard to fathom how people are justifying using bank resources to repeatedly hit the website.

Also, after a brief respite earlier in the week, I see the perpetrators of the events which precipitated my current project are still wasting their time hitting this website.

What they are hoping to find is anyone’s guess.  I am highly unlikely to say anything new when the sheeple are sitting hitting the website every day.

Speaking of sheeple, I had never previously had quite such cynical colleagues.  At least two of the people I spoke to referred to banking as being inherently immoral.

“Banking is not immoral at all, it is amoral.”  I replied.  “Like economics, which reduces people to behavioural units, it is comforting and has no morality at all.”

“But, but, but what about the Rothschilds?”

“What about them?  They started out in a ghetto with a box of money under the floor and were very brave.  They have always been very nice to me.”  I said.  This is actually true, the Rothschilds are not unpleasant, either as a company or a family.  You may not approve, but there is nothing to approve or disapprove of.  They worked very hard, and now they have more money than is sensible or practical.

I am sure even Wolfe has an off the cuff comment about the Rothschilds, but I imagine it will mostly be for effect and he actually agrees with me, as he does about many things.  I am trying to get back into the habit of target setting, and the current one involves seeing him the next time he is in the UK, complete with finished game and books.

What effect does this cynicism have on these people?  Does it make them more intelligent?  No, it makes them frightened.  Does it make them think strategically to redress the perceived social imbalance?  No, the very thought of losing money or convenience is alien to them.  All they really want is someone to blame, whether that is me, because I am not like them, or you, because you have more money than them is immaterial.  I see this every day, whether it is someone erroneously referring to Boris as being born with a silver spoon in his mouth (I am sure he laughs at this as much as I do)  or people who cannot quite put their finger on why they think my mere existence ‘does something to them.’

Twisty said it best I think.

“You are doing something to them.  You aren’t like them, which means they might have to actually use their brains.  That is inconvenient, and they do not like it.”

I did not have this problem ten years ago, working in much the same environment.  Then, the far more advanced back office bankers simply accepted that I was not like them and asked interesting and pertinent questions.  There was none of the fear or suspicion that I got this time.

So much for conspiracy theories.  I have written quite a bit on how you change the world without being seen to do so, and it has been largely ignored, as has much of the associated material written by fellow economic historians and economists alike.  Nobody wants to hear the truth, because it might cause mild inconvenience and mean that you miss a box set here or there in order to make things better.  It is far easier to find someone to blame.

Having watched Wolfe being pilloried for years for stating the blisteringly obvious alongside some more entertaining material he likes to use, I now find this far easier to accept.  People are stupid, they like being stupid, and they will continue to be stupid right up until the hypodermic is in their arm.  Then they will wonder if perhaps they should have listened.  Briefly, before their eyes shut for the last time.

I wonder if it is possible to continue to care about this, when it is so impossible to get the message across to people who don’t actually want to listen.  I have seen Wolfe go from angry, to accepting, to acquisitive in the course of a decade.  I have watched the decline in moral philosophy in the Labour movement in the course of a lifetime, and I have seen the rise of hypocrisy, waste and dishonesty in business in the course of a few short years.

Once upon a time we celebrated whistleblowers, encouraged people who thought differently and we grew a celebrated economy based upon progression.  Now we have cultivated a nation of whinging, self-serving yes-men, and we are surprised at the decline it fosters.

Bring on more rebels.  Only by questioning what we are told do we find the truth, and only by actually listening to people.  Until we can manage that, we are doomed to the fate of a fallen civilisation, much like all the ones that went before.

Just wait until they get around to murdering you, whether it is literally, your spirit, your work ethic or your sense of justice.  You won’t know what hit you.  We already live in a corrupt little nest of vipers.  I got first hand experience of it twelve years ago, and things are far worse now.  The Asean nations will mop the floor with us, probably within my lifetime, unless we change direction now.

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Empowerment and the Garden Economy

First published in 2015


I may have to disappear for a week or two as I have a feeling Best Adventure Ever is about to burst forth.  It is a far more complex book than Best Scandal Ever or Best Romance Ever and deals with a lot of things at once.  A more advanced reader will notice that they pick new things up the more times they return to the stories, some of it is only really intended for Wolfe.  I basically write free books for an audience of one, with a giant side salad of entertainment for everyone else.  I hope he appreciates this, I wouldn’t do this if I did not believe him to have the capacity to find gemstones on a pebble beach.

I don’t suppose it really matters, the work gets done, and it’s his loss if he doesn’t.  In any case, all the Best Ever….Sam Redwood stories will always be free.  They are gifts, intended to spark interest from readers at some future point in their lives if not right now.

Today I have been considering the matter of empowerment.  Many motivational speakers like to talk about empowerment.  In the event that you are a bit tired and browbeaten, depressed, middle-aged and underachieving, lazy or perhaps a tad dim, empowerment is a subject that you will fully appreciate.  As something of an empowerment gourmet, very few of them think much about it beyond – the audience will like this, the audience will admire me for saying this, the audience will buy my empowerment course etc etc.  You know the scene – Tony Robbins has probably a hundred or more members of staff doing mini empowerment courses all over the USA, as do many others.

So here is my empowerment for the bombast-hating and probably more intelligent rest of the motivation market. You matter, you matter, you matter.  Stop assuming other people will do things for you, and that your participation doesn’t count.  You dug yourselves into a hole, now it is time to look in the mirror, tell yourself that you count, and dig yourselves back out of it again.  Nobody can do it for you!

Very technical, isn’t it? Yes, your last hundred dollars/pounds/million yen matter.  Open your ethical or SRI bank or building society account now, so that when it is operational, you can transfer your wages or income into it.  Prepare for changing your broadband/tv/telephone account by collecting the relevant information and STOP GOING TO THE SUPERMARKET ALREADY! If you are desperate for the latest Prada, look for it on Ebay instead.  Consider if you will still want it next season.  If the answer is no, then you don’t need it and would be better off spending your time finding a chic new designer item nobody else knows about.

I updated the information on Better Person Project for the UK last night, and will take another look at the slightly more complicated USA this evening.  I am ashamed to say that had not looked at it in quite a long time as I had been fighting off my Wolfitis over the winter and spending too much time with the worst-eater-in-the-world Twisty.  This stops now.  I will just have to drown myself in work instead. All because somebody somewhere decided that I did not matter – you see how this works?  Telling people that they do not matter disempowers them, and then they do nothing and try to compensate in other ways.

So, repeat after me, I matter, and I am now going to make a difference. Enjoy whatever beverage comes to hand, and start making plans to redirect your money away from the conventional routes.  It’s not only important for you, it’s important for your future, and your potential children’s future. There is no future economic plan that justifies the world’s wealth going into so few hands.

Feed the saplings, cut down the old trees.  The economy works much the same way as a garden.  If you persist in feeding only the established forest, the old trees will still fall down but nothing will grow.  DO IT NOW!


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