Coronavirus Whinging – Sturgeon versus Johnson

I have never seen so much bitter glass wall whinging from the population as right now.

On one hand we have worthless scum complaining that it is all a big fuss about nothing and unless we see two thirds of the population dying we have nothing to worry about so don’t bother protecting your health.

On the other we have people who think that “Nicola Sturgeon lacks leadership skills” and “Boris Johnson must resign” because they haven’t shut the schools.

I patiently explained to the worthless scum yesterday that as one of the people at risk from the infection, I do not trust hospitals and would rather not be ill, therefore I will be taking all the measures I can as not only do I not want to die, I do not want to see other people quietly offed in a hospital because they aren’t judged to be economically worthwhile.  I cannot even say that this is the Tories’ doing, it happens regardless of party.  I have seen it first hand.

I explained to the whinging masses this morning that Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson are entirely unable to close schools because if they do that, the women who work for the NHS, the women who clean, the women who run quite a few of our services will then be unable to work because they have to stay at home to take care of their children, who are at a far lower risk of actual death in the first place.

This would also mean that elderly in care homes would be suffering, as care homes would be understaffed.  Closing schools is not an option.

Closing pubs is not an option because people voted for a society in which people have to work to pay their bills.  As long as pub owners are willing to pay a wage, people need the money to pay their rent.  And yay, this costs the country no money, which is what the majority actually voted for.

As for claiming that the spurious herd immunity bullshit is somehow Boris’s doing. The culprit is the Tories’ scientific adviser, who clearly does not understand that a virus that repeatedly infects you is not likely to give anybody immunity.  Boris Johnson got some bad advice and made a decision based upon the discussion he listened to.  Since then at least three of the people deciding that killing a few more useless eaters wasn’t such a bad thing have the infection, which can only benefit the rest of us since they might actually get a clue.

When are you going to understand that you can’t blame people making political decisions for making the most practical decision for your welfare?  Take some responsibility for yourself.

The last thing anybody should be considering is resignation.  This is a test, and we need to use it to create a better country and a more practical way of doing business as  a nation.

If you can’t formulate strategy, think for yourself or even be bothered joining a political party, mind your own business, and stop attempting to think.

That is what you do the rest of the time.



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