Sick of Confused Young People

So, we have had quite a few confused millennials trying to interfere with various parts of our life over the last few years.

Frst we had a bunch of blisteringly thick nurses that decided it was time that my mother was dead regardless of how she or I felt, backed up by power mad social workers who appear to get some sort of bonus for taking people’s properties from them.  When presented with what they were actually doing according to logical observation, they simply pretended not to know.

Then we had a company that thought spouting right wing corporatist crap about putting the disabled to work wasn’t political.

Then we had a bunch of people at the bank who imagined that only TV is a safe activity, and anyone creative is to be viewed with suspicion. I was horrified by this one.  I was the only person in a huge roomful of people who did anything other than watch fucking box sets.

Then we had Little Shiva, who decided that I was to be deprived of a job I desparately needed for no reason other than he didn’t feel like telling me that he was married despite doing quite the peacock display.

After this we had some nutjob actually chasing me out of a building for not being exactly like her, screaming ‘you’re not like us, what are you doing here?’  I kid you not.

Then we had the homophobic author who thinks being married gives him entitlement to dox a gay man for chatting him up and then try to get him arrested.  He has repeatedly stated that he plans to stalk me, and is apparently too stupid to know that this is not really a very good idea.

Up next is Bawbag, who is a misogynist, but I find misogynists quite funny and after being a chef usually handle them quite easily.  He seemed to have some sort of special arrangement with the police, who actually took the trouble to come out to ask if I wanted to return to his not very pleasant care.  This is a forerunner to the world after Humza’s hate law. The Scottish habit of friendly fire to defuse abuse is going to be made illegal because a mediocre private school Hutchie boy doesn’t understand.

Finally we had scummy Sikh dude.  I worked with a Sikh family for months, and they were lovely, but scummy Sikh dude had a poor self image, so he thought he could take a pop at me too.

From all of this I have to draw the conclusion that we live in a very confused society, and being reclusive anyway, I am inclined to avoid people and their boring self interest and sense of entitlement entirely, since it is actually based on nothing.

They also seem to lack curiosity.  Facile crap is what they seem to want to consume.  Comedy such as the above is going to end up banned if we allow stupid people to point and say offensive every few seconds.

Thank god I am not young, that is all I can say to this.  Your world looks bland, idiotic, very constricted and very, very boring. I feel sorry for children being brought up like this.



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