Time to Quit

So, I dont seem to be getting many answers to my poll, but generally speaking those of us with a brain are wearing masks and thinking it is time for some border control.

Of course, this won’t matter to the English, who voted for this and seem to be quite happy with it for the most part, which is precisely the reason we need medical checkpoints at the border with Scotland and Wales if we are to avoid further medical sabotage from England.

Local governments should also be considering how best to protect their areas.Β  Sheffield, for example, was showing a lot of cases at the beginning of the spread, therefore they should be checking temperatures at a regular interval, there are also options for spraying people down that the Chinese have used.

It all depends on who you vote for really.Β  Some aggressive tory voters on Twitter are claiming that they cannot see any issues in their area, so naturally they will want to continue not wearing masks, perhaps reopening their businesses and killing some more elderly people as long as it is out of sight.

One article circulating this morning basically said it best in the headline.Β  Over 100 medical staff dead, most BAME. That will be fine with the English then.

So, no need to worry then, as long as the patient doesn’t resemble you they don’t exist.

I think the time has come to face the fact there is no helping these people.Β  Indeed, most of the population are still wandering around with no mask on, so evidently they are also too stupid to exist.

I think really Boris should quit rather than return to public life.Β  I do not think he is likely to see any benefit from returning, nor do I think that faction is going to last much longer.

Looking forward to seeing an accurate recording of the number of people you have killed via the imaginary herd immunity you forced on the people you were responsible for.Β  Still no sign of it so far.

Matt Hancock will not need to work again after this episode anyway, he has made more than enough money from the NHS.

Snowed under with work as apparently people like complaining but don’t like being proactive, which is great news for me.


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