Dignity – the unexploited niche

So I was at a meeting for business peeps tonight, and one Scandinavian chick was talking about her work, which is trade union related, loosely, and she wants to do some public speaking related to people who do not seek senior management or even middle management roles.

This is a large unexploited market area.  How to negotiate your position when you do not seek to improve it and are relatively happy in whatever job you managed to land.

I immediately said yes – dignity – the unexploited niche.  Everyone is falling for this American idea that we are all unemployed millionaires.

Of course, with the globalist ideal of ever decreasing wages and borderless countries, we have not had any alternative to this. Collective bargaining is out of fashion, even with our once socialist Labour party. This is not doing anybody any good.

It was a long and interesting meeting, everyone from unemployed doctors working in medical areas that are poorly served to dog trainers, home stylists and web designers were there.  Most interesting, but as office hours go, probably not hugely constructive for the person developing the course.

Another course I am working on at the moment is also very interesting. I would really like to do this one more seriously, but I have to focus on getting a number of other things done first I think.

Anyway that is thought for today. Dignity, the unexploited niche market. Let’s capitalise socialism!

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