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This post follows on from my previous post, useful to marketers, authors, artists and educators alike – for those who are not familiar with the term, public relations is your lofty voice to the world, stating your mission for the benefit for the public and spinning your errors so that they no longer look like errors.  a good grounding in public relations will save you money and benefit your efforts in SEO.  This post will also help you gain traffic at the cost of time rather than money:




Free ways of shamelessly self promoting

Public Relations

Please find below, free training and implementation resources to conduct your own public relations campaign and expand your audience.  There will be further posts in this series, designed to help new businesses, time poor individuals and famewhores alike on their way to glory:




Five free Online Social media PR courses




Our courses








PR web




PR Leap




Free news release




Free press release




I newswire




click 2 newsites








This list will be added to as time goes on, these links are mostly free.  You can find guidance from the courses on offer as to how to frame your press release.  I have tried at least one of these, and I got a very good result, but as I am in no hurry to grow at present, I thought it might be helpful to share.

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