Too cool for school

Today was slightly better, but it remains to be seen if this is doable long term.  I am also being considered for a techy thing that I am fully capable of doing but I think I would benefit from company training as it is media related.

I seem to have acquired a friend, although he is probably about 20, which is rather hilarious. From the sublime to the ridiculous, this is the second time since I turned 40 that this has happened. I am sure his mother will be delighted LOL

Now, when I was 35 this was probably OK, because when I was 35 I was still into emo metal, computer games and had only just stopped drinking and smoking.  Now it is just hilarious.  It is nice to be timeless however.

Speaking of which, we have a dude in this group who is so obsessed with age that I am on the point of saying something.  We had another full day of his wish to off everyone over 70 today.  This is the future.  People who cannot see past the end of their nose.

Anyway, I have cheered up somewhat, although life in the short term looks rather bleak and full of hours and hours of work.  I do like time pressure though, I always get more done when there is only two hours to do it in.

Speaking of which…..

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