The hazard of gift giving

Well the Ina Disguise train has derailed somewhat due to the unexpected rudeness of the last recipient, so I am wondering what to do next?

We have to ask ourselves why the muse fucks things up every single time. I have tried and tried to make it my fault, but from Little Shiva onwards, they have just been extremely crap people.

Little Shiva made sure I could never go back to contracting for ‘good and fun entertainment’ and because his boss allegedly fancied me and had no way of dealing with it.  I am very glad that I do not like big men, because making a mistake and trying to leave someone that is 7 feet tall and wide is not particularly easy.

Haram Bawbag really just wanted a tool to use to get his beloved ex back, so that was really just a three week friendship followed by endless demands for me to do what he told me and me saying no, really you should just obey the law and move on with your life.

Two Grapes guy seems to fall into the ‘she’s worthless’ category.  It appears to have amused him greatly to delibarately hit on me followed by having his terrified looking wife take my coffee order (she doesn’t look as if she has ever touched a coffee machine).

I am not terribly impressed.  I had some business to discuss, had the gift gone well, and this dude evidently has sufficient contacts.

He had looked miserable all year and I had said several times to Twisty that I wondered if I might make him happy.  Had he left me alone, it would have been a simple gift and introduction and presumably things would be relatively polite.  Instead he chose to embarrass me, got the shitty end of that stick and I do not now plan to speak to this person, far less buy his coffee ever again.

So not only has he lost a very happy customer, he has offended someone that wanted to make him some money and who was also very interested in him.

Two Grapes cost a great deal of money and time to make, and by the time I got to the end stages, I could not care less how it turned out.  This is neither good artistic practise, nor a good result for life generally.

I am not sure why Little Shiva assumed he was getting a gift, he certainly didn’t deserve one even before he destroyed my careful plans for last year.  Little Shiva is going to be an incredible piece of work though, and we have the happy thought that he cannot mess it up by actually speaking.

Haram Bawbag basically stole the piece of work midway through making it by his behaviour, and then still assumed he would be getting more.

This last guy, whilst he has not rejected the gift, now has an item that he does not want, that I couldn’t care less about and has lost a customer. Rather than send a grown up text and explain, he has seriously offended me and I am kind of annoyed.

Why do they have such difficulty with this?

It has a lot to do with self-image, culture and the way they perceive me.  Whilst I am not Megan Fox, or whomever is judged to be ravishing this week, I do seem to have some sort of primeval crude appeal.  Combined with the messy hair and predilection for men’s clothes, this seems to be a signal that they can treat me like utter shit, which they very quickly find out is not that easy. They then seek to inflict as much damage as they possibly can because I have no interest in sucking their dicks.

It is very simple, guys.  If you want to meet women that seek men for validation, do not go for someone who has never had to give a fuck how they looked.  Go for women that wear dresses, makeup, earrings and who probably don’t actually do very much.  That is your target market.

If someone is giving you a gift, try grace.  It took Wolfe a few years to discover grace, even after writing a book about it.  (which incidentally demonstrated that he had no idea what it was at the time.)


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