Hilariously, one of my former colleagues, if you could call them that, patiently mansplained that Staring Brat 1 was 35 last night.

This was because he had no clue what age I am.

I am sure this is very flattering, however Staring Brat 1 went to the trouble of inventing a reason for needing our dates of birth shortly after we started in order to find this information.  He knew perfectly well I was considerably older than him.

He then mansplained that SB2 was thin and small.  Yeah, he was when I made the comment about his being beautiful, he then became less beautiful by the day as he got bigger and bigger.  Evidently he hadn’t noticed the growth spurt during my time there.  The last time I saw SB2, which was about ten days ago, he was almost as big as SB1.  He achieved this in about 8 weeks.  What on earth was the point in losing all that weight if all he was going to do was turn into a giant brute?

Twisty has suggested that this is his idea of being a man.  He can keep it, along with his idea of being married.  Not having to deal with bullshit like this is just heavenly.

It is great having somebody with less experience and less interest in work mansplaining or worse, actively trying to damage your life.  If only these people could experience it. As they fumble in the dark at home I am sure they imagine that they are in control by making a complete twat of themselves.

I actively avoided complaining about Staring Brat 1, because I could see how hopeless he was.  This was a mistake.  My friend is right, when these things happen you should go for the jugular every time.

I, however, chose to work with men for years.  I found that the less gender tension I tolerated from them, the fewer stupid problems I had to deal with, so I am a generous and tolerant leader as a rule. Nobody is humiliated, nobody gets to humiliate anybody else.  Simples.

Unfortunately, these people have not either been trained, done any reading, or gained any experience.  For some reason this means they get hundreds of pounds a day and I get fired for a reason they simply invented for ‘good and fun entertainment,’ because they were unhappy at home, a bit inadequate, and a big bit stupid.

Staring Brat 2 was a different matter.  A whole lot of separate problems, starting with the ‘seriousness – beautiful’ comment which was entirely out of my hands.  I have not previously made such a comment.  I think the only previous episode which even remotely resembles it was 22 years ago, and that spoilt boy got three whole months of my attention.

Anyway, none of that helps now. I am still considered unemployable by neds, and only the snob value jobs seem to be taking much of an interest.  A hotel which charges £400 a night would like to talk to me this week.  I am wary of this level of exclusivity.

I have started another three projects now, on the basis of building an income later.  This looks like a whole lot of intense work, but if it frees me up to return to the plan it will be helpful.  I cannot be bothered with all these delays.  I want life to be now, not whilst I am having to make endless contingency plans.

I am hugely comforted by the fact that all three of the people who decided to entertain themselves by causing me problems when my mother had just been killed by similarly stupid people will have miserable, boring and bitter little lives, followed by a painful old age and will probably be murdered in a hospital somewhere eventually.

That doesn’t pay my bills, however, and it doesn’t make what they did to me go away.


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