Gender imbalance

Twisty was talking about comics again today, so we went over what he remembers about childhood comics:

Male comics consisted of tales of adventure, finding treasure, bonhomie, fighting off the bad guys, being a good egg, generally looking outwards and forwards.

Female comics consisted of crying, being beaten to induce shame, over-valuing friendships, worrying about how you looked.

“OK, so everything you have just said relates to genitals.”  I said.

“I don’t understand what you mean?” He looked confused.

Everything the boys do is pointing outwards, acquisitive, positive, everything the girls do is about shame, not being too proud but trying to persuade the world to be nice to you by being humble and yet well presented.

You see, because I decided at a very early age that I was not at all interested in any of that, my mother knew she was out of her depth.  She tried at various points to understand me, but it was not until my father died that she understood that I was basically him all over again.  Kind of genderless, in many respects.

Twisty would have you believe that I am very girly.  I would say that he is more girly than I, and in tests of brain gender, we have proved over and over that he is the girl and I am the man of our friendship.  I would like to say that this is progressive, but it probably isn’t.

Meanwhile, at work, we have three generations represented in the training group:

Millennials, who will readily accuse you of an ism, and yet don’t appear to know anything about agism and had to be told in no uncertain terms yesterday.

A boomer, who looks like an old man but is only five years older than me, which was a bit of a shocker.

Me, Generation X.  I had to explain why millennials don’t buy houses to the boomer this morning.  Sigh.  Generation X had about 60 percent of the problems millennials have, and it was no less embarassing and frustrating for us as we were too embarrassed to admit it.

I have, however, no patience for agism.  My mother was just killed by agism, and I am tired of stupid people. I went for it yesterday.  I would like to say I had some say in whether I dealt with it, but I really didn’t.  Similar to the Staring Brat 2 situation, the red mist descended and I dealt with them in no uncertain terms.

So, as my search for work continues, I am making a point of mentioning my managerial ability, which I have never done in the past.  Fuck being humble.  I am tired of being stomped on by morons.

I have a few days left to decide if I am going to move from this job to a job where I never have to see anyone again.  It all depends on a further opportunity that came up today, and on a few high level people I am in discussion with at present.

Apart from that, I am delighted for Boris.  I will have my t shirt made forthwith, lovely boy.


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