Wrong Turnings

I wonder how it feels to be somebody’s worst wrong turning?  I imagine if you hate them, you laugh because they made a bad decision.  That makes it easier for you to digest the fact that you are a bad idea in the form of a human.

Everything was going quite well with Ina, since last October, when Wolfe was kind enough to allow me to sort my shit out there.  It was a big deal deciding to face up to it, and he made it far less nightmarish.  He is very kind. (to me anyway)

Boris was also one of my better ideas.  I am very upset that I have been forced into letting him down.

I cannot imagine what it must be like, looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “Isn’t it funny?  I really ruined that woman’s life, for no reason at all!  What a great guy I am!”

The pair of them probably think this achieves something other than making their lives less pleasant whilst I ensure that they don’t do this to anyone else. It is pointless and destructive behaviour.

Today, not for the first time this year, I sat in a room full of millennials and winced at them talking about their ideas about aging (40 is old apparently) apparently in blissful ignorance that I was not even the oldest person in the room, and I found this offensive.  I then watched them object to my walking further than them just to get to work, and reacting with horror that I do not watch TV.

Once upon a time, youth was considered to represent idealism, progress and open-mindedness.  Now it represents a grasping narrow-minded view of themselves and others as they talk about never being out of debt whilst looking for people to eliminate to secure their tenner an hour.

The male who made the comment about elderly 40 year olds has a 1 year old child and 70 thousand pounds worth of debt due to his university course.  He is unlikely ever to pay this off, and has moved to Scotland because he cannot afford accomodation in Reading, where he comes from.  You can look forward to more of this in the future.  If Scotland does not protect herself, she will be trampled in the rush, in fact.

Instead of talking about this problem or – shock horror – dealing with it, these same people will turn around and accuse you of whatever ism comes to hand to shut you up, therefore it is not worth talking to them.  Instead we all have to patiently wait for the penny to drop.  It isn’t my children who will suffer in the future.  I couldn’t afford any, and I was told I would have to take care of my parents to supply a bunch of spoilt boomers with money, apparently.  It certainly wasn’t indicative of caring about their parents.  They manifested that quite clearly.

In the meantime, my friend is repeatedly banging his head off a brick wall trying to get medical treatment from the NHS, who still do not appear to want to investigate and make a diagnosis.  He is persistent in his expectation that they will make him well.

I have explained to him time and time again that as a disabled person on benefits, it is not a good plan to allow the NHS to take over anything, since they killed my mother 7 months ago after a determined few months of telling me they wanted to do it.  He is not safe.

I think we can safely make the assumption, after several experiences like this, that millennials are just as clueless, selfish and blind as boomers, and it is not until somebody is murdering their relatives that they will notice, if at all.  My boomer relatives would still pretend that the NHS were experts at something, and that murdering the elderly is a good thing.  They are elderly themselves now, so I look forward it happening to them.

I hate this job.  My back hates this job.  I need something more active.  These people are dull, narrow minded and hateful.  Just like you.



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