Religion and Morality

Well this last year has been quite educational.  Only having spent much time with athiests I had not been around religious people much at all in recent years.

This year has changed all that, we have had the evil Hindu, who was actually the most morally upstanding of the three.

An immoral Christian, who apparently found it pleasant to attempt to commit adultery whilst telling me how inferior everyone else was.

A polygamist Muslim, as a person my favourite at the moment.

Of all of us, I with no practised religion, actually come out on top for moral behaviour, although it is interesting how Asian and Middle Eastern people see morality.

It all seems terribly Catholic to me, the idea that your fate is in God’s hands, so there is very little you can do about being a weak little human.  Almost as if your religion is an excuse.

Oddly, in terms of doing the right thing, the evil Hindu wins.  The Muslim, whilst a far nicer person, is more arty about it, finding flowery reasons for things that I can only dream about, and the Christian was a dismal failure.

For my next trick, I will be going out into the wider community for a large scale project designed to solve a number of problems at once.  Ina will not be joining me on this trip, although I now have several useful skills.

I want to hear from Little Shiva aka Staring Brat 2. or You don’t have to talk to me in person unless you want to.




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