Progress Report

Little Shiva has elected not to bother speaking, so I guess he intends to check the website daily forever whilst not having the balls to actually speak.  You don’t either get what you want or move on that way, sorry.

The lining is now looking okay, although some adjustments to the base design will have to be made before waterproofing and preparing it for the windows.

I also have to do the tongues, which will take up quite a bit of time, and given the weight at this point, I think I will have to think quite carefully about where to resin it.  I do not want it stuck in the studio forever because I cannot get it out of the door!

The base of the egg, which I will be working on from next week, is still in the early stages, and the carpet parts have not been done yet either, which is holding up other work as I want the chair to be the new centerpiece of the collections.

I still haven’t located something strong enough for the base of it.  I will work on this once I am working less than 15 hours a day.

Still lonely.  Time for a new direction. I have an excellent idea for a new story.

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