Neglecting you

Sorry, I was busy.  I am working at last.

As usual with work, several things came up at once, so I am having to turn down things I wanted to do in order to do the sensible thing, which generates more things I have to go and do to cover everything.

I kind of hate myself for taking the sensible option but there are three things on the table further down the line to put myself in a better spot, and the opportunity I have taken up has options of its own.

Still uncomfortably attached, despite the passage of time, so I am trying to strategise meeting somebody a bit more viable whilst I work on getting my health back on track.  I was in such a state of panic over money that I had to focus on that for a while.

I cannot believe I am still actually thinking about this.  This is not sensible.  My prescription is harsh focus on health and work. Once I have this job properly set up I still have to find another one that pays for artwork only. I have put on weight due to the focus on finding work, so I have to deal with that rather quickly as it is depressing.

It is nice that the immediate problem is now solved, but it would be considerably more convenient if it was solved in full.  A potential solution has been impeded by disorganisation at the employer end, but at least a small money supply will be resumed next week or so.

In the meantime, how the heck do people meet each other?  How does one rule out the duds quicker? Are people at all worthwhile?

Found myself eyeing up a woman the other day and to my surprise she was actually interested.  Given that any bisexuality is usually extremely covert, I was incredibly surprised. I’m obviously lonely.

A very important person got in touch with me about the previous issue, so I am hoping that this will finally resolve that situation.  All that seems to have happened so far is a lot of buck-passing children protecting their asses.

Remember kids, nobody genuinely gives a shit about you. Isn’t that comforting?



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