Die if ya do

Die if ya do



Don’t wanna do nothin’ new,


Wanna sit here and take an antacid


Keep your evil salad,


Wanna eat cake and feel a bit flaccid,


Don’t challenge my opinions, or ask me to do anythiiiiiiing!


‘Cos if you tip up my boat, I’ll just not bother to swiiiiiim


Yeah! Leave me to rot, I just cannot change my world view!


No, no, no, no, no




I hate everyone, and nobody’s gonna get throuuuuuugh






‘Cos I’ll die if ya do, die if ya do, if the stroke don’t get me


I’ll have a heart attack on you


Die in your kitchen, die in your car,


You think you’re goin’ somewhere but you will not get far


Burst a blood vessel all over the seats,


To carry me out, you’ll have to stain all your sheets.


Leave me alone, or you’ll be sorry as hellllllllllllll




Don’t wanna learn nothin’


Wanna sit here watchin’ Hitler instead,


I hate richer people, and I hate poor sick people in bed,


You can keep all your herbs, and your superfood too,


Nothin’s gonna help me, or my sore, sore head


Gonna wear my dark glasses, and sit here in pain,


Anything you’re gonna try, you’re gonna try it in vain,




There’s nothin’ you can do, so you might as well eat some cake toooooo




‘Cos I’ll die if ya do, die if ya do.  Diabetes ain’t got me, but it’s gonna get you


Die in your bathroom, die in your hall


Nothing you can do to help me at all


I’ll sit here in my armchair, watching Nazi vids


Hating everybody, soon you’ll be on the skids


Laughing at misfortune, smiling full of hate


Nothing you can say is gonna clean up my plate


Give me more cake, or I’ll trip you up on the stairs,




Then I’ll laugh my head off, burst an arteryyyyy,


Bleed over the antiques and hid my head on a shelllllf




There’s nothin’ you can do, you broke your ankle when I tripped you upppppp,




No, no, no




Cos’ I’ll die if ya do, die if ya do,


Bleed everywhere forever, make a mess outta you,


You’ll feel like you’ve been cruel, feel like you’ve been bad


Nothing’s gonna help you feel any less sad,


Skull fragments in the garage, in the studio,


Dead body in the garden maybe on the patio,


Blood in the pink roses, in the pussy willow


You’ll need a full squad just to move me real slow




Ya know, it’s much easierrrr


If ya just give me the caaaaaaaake,




Yeah, yeah,




Even though I’ll die if ya do, die if ya do,


Give me all the cake, else I’ll complain about you


Black forest gateau, strawberry cheesecake.


You can keep your evil veggies and the spooky fruit too,


Take the herbs and grass away


Take the raw chocolate too,


Give me all the cake or I’ll complain about you.


Deep fried potato, a gallon of milk


The pains in my stomach are something else too,


Don’t force me to live, don’t ask me to think


I’ll just throw up my fries in your nice new clean sink.


I’ll pretend I’m not tired, pretend I’m not sick,


No I don’t want no smoothie it looks way too thick.




Don’t force me to do anythiiiiiing……




Cos’ I’ll die if ya do, die if ya do,


Collapse in the lounge, or in your nice tidy loo,


Rigor Mortis in your doorway, stiff limbs on your floor


Put your pedal to the metal getting right out the door.


Give me all the cake, and all the fries too,


Oily mayonnaise, salty sausage and ham


I’ll eat what I want, and it’s better if you eat the cake toooooooo


Don’t challenge my opinions, or you know what I’ll do to youuuuuu




Yeah, yeah, yeah




Die if ya do, die if ya do


Won’t pay attention to your views, won’t listen to you,


I just wanna moan, wanna complain too


Wanna eat some more cake, and take some painkillers too


Blood quality’s for sissies, and for dumb hippies too,


Wanna complain until midnight and then after that too.


Give me back my Hitler, my antacid world view,


Life is too short, and I don’t want a mess,


Don’t challenge my opinions or make me wear a dress,


Fetch me my slippers, and some more kaolin,


My plan is to expire over your violin.


You’ll be tidying up my fluids


Mopping up my blood,


But at least I’ll have eaten some more of that food.


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