Three weeks on ten a day

Three weeks on ten a day

This is an update for the following series of posts.  Sorry but the blog format insists on the giant boxes.


Two days of ten a day


Two weeks on ten a day




We are entering the third week now, and my appetite is now back under control to the point that I do not have to worry so much about making it to ten a day.  Ten a day is a struggle at first, especially for people who try to go raw quickly.  Composting was something that bothered me for the first few weeks the first time I did it, but as I am wise to it now, I make sure some of the quota is lightly steamed (and I do mean lightly.  Sometimes I just mix the ingredients and heat at the last minute)


Composting is a slightly unpleasant vegetable burp you get if you transition quickly from normal food to raw food.  It is a minor inconvenience when you are aware of what you have to look forward to if you persist in telling your body to do what it is supposed to do – digest uncooked vegetable fibre.


The shingles treatment that I mentioned in the Antifungal, Antiviral post is working very well.  So outstandingly well in fact, that my hand pain has gone, my brain is clearer, even my limbs feel less fuzzy.  I still have the itch on my back, but it looks as if I got my diagnosis of ‘invisible shingles’ correct.  I also took a tablet for thrush, and although it has not completely cleared any trace of candidiasis, it is not at all as bad as it was.


My skin is recovering, and the odd pimple is appearing to excrete the traces of normal food.  The rash down the side of my face is almost gone. My hair is not quite recovering yet, but I am aware that this can take a few months, so I am not concerned.


I have so far dropped a size.  Yes, stuffing your face with vegetables is definitely a good plan, no matter who you are.  Better poop, better skin, better health.  Walking is less painful, breathing is easier, and I look younger. Bought myself some luxury dates and did not either want them, or the sugar free chocolate I like to make and keep so that I do not want any. (nowt queerer than folk)


Slightly more interested in sex than I have been for the last five years or so.  Not in actually doing it, but certainly noticing men more than I did, which can only be an indication of better health.


Starting on supermix now, so I will look a bit green for a week until my blood gets the message that good things are in regular supply again.


Remaining problems include getting rid of the breathing issue completely, tightness at the top of my legs, and the need to improve on sleep.


Hopefully this will encourage my sceptical readers to give it a go.



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