My twinnie is too old for me. A David Wolfe post.

For those who have known Ina since the beginning, this is the original inspiration behind Ina Disguise, the love of my life,  David Wolfe. He inspired the entire Sheep in Wolf’s clothing collection and The Best Scandal Ever series.

I shocked many people when I fell randomly in love with him at the age of 40 or so, but he did my health the world of good at the time and I am in the process of recovering from a double dose of grief using much the same methods. Prior to this I was a shamed, clever but terrified victim of some extreme and lengthy bullying.

Those who have met me relatively recently will be shocked to learn he is 12 days older than me.

Since Wolfe will inevitably drop in and see this post at some point, I think we have swapped roles.   I dumped a 28 year old this year. I am still very shy though.  Still working on it.

You always were ten steps ahead of me.

Anyway this vid was a shocker.  Is this how old we are? It’s only been five years FFS

Much affection and I feel sufficiently inspired to get well now, see the piece of work he hopefully still owns below.


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