Mr Ripley and post removal

I’ve been asked why I am removing so many short posts, so basically here is my reasoning – I look through them, decide if I am bothered about taking them down so that he does something more interesting with his life and if I am not bothered about it I take them down.  I do not view this as capitulation to a little tyrant and it is not because I am backtracking at all.

Every day he does the same thing, looks through the same posts and then passes them to another mobile in London, whom I am guessing is the person telling him what to do. Then the mobile in London does the same thing. There is clearly some collusion going on with this dude.

It doesn’t seem to bother them that I am sitting watching this.

Doesn’t seem to bother him how incredibly tragic it looks. The dude is over thirty, and continues to behave like a very spoilt and petted child rather than communicate.

Perhaps he should try finding a new hobby?  New victims are arriving in the office all the time, I am not sure why he thinks I’m such a great candidate.  I presume this is some very twisted expression of hurt. Not sure what he is so hurt about, nobody attacked his job.  The lack of ability to move on is a bit sad.  I’m not there anymore, you can stop looking now. You won, whatever crazed battle you had going on with me that I knew nothing about.

Again, I genuinely wished the best for him right up until he attacked me for the second time and I was informed about his activities, whereupon I again did what I could in terms of damage limitation whilst making sure this doesn’t happen again.

He blew it by himself as far as I know with circulating the website, because I told two very quiet staff members whom I doubt very much told anyone because they were not particularly interested in what I was doing anyway.  None of the management have apparently told him that my blog is not otherwise particularly public, so it is very easy for me to see who the computers and mobiles belong to. It isn’t his privacy being invaded, its mine, and he appears to still be employed despite staff being at risk from being accused of anything at any time.

For your benefit, if you work there and decide that anything at all is harassment, they uphold it according to the management.  Therefore if you decide that you don’t like somebody, you too can have them fired!

See what happens when you don’t get to leave the house for twenty years?  You get very very geeky.

It is a huge shame, because if he was capable of experiencing empathy I could have been a lot more helpful to him, but he isn’t.

Being a swan is not desirable, I’m afraid.  Amusing to watch but not a happy place to be.

It’s so nice that we get to spend this time together every day, SB, do you think you could maybe find a victim that has some actual money?

I see you have had a good rummage through my posts.  Hope you learned something,  nasty little man. Brummie, eh?

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