Obese malnutrition and time deprivation

Those who read the blog reasonably often will know that obese malnutrition is a thing – if you are new to the blog use the tag cloud or meander through the newsfeed for more on this.
When I was young, the term ‘overnutrition‘ used to be used to describe fat people, and even knowing this, it was not until I paid some attention to Wolfe that I realised that this was entirely true.  People who get fat, despite eating too much are often missing critical nutrients because their gut bacteria causes them to crave the last thing that is going to give them what they actually need. Hence – obese malnutrition is the real probable cause of the obesity epidemic.
This morning, I was reading my investment posts and came across the concept of timedeprivation.  This amusing term refers to people who are so deluded by their capitalist education, that they spend too much time making money and not enough time maintaining their sanity.  Obviously a capitalist solution has to be found to this pressing problem, in the form of more time saving gadgets and things you need to spend time working to afford.
Having been forced into a life of not achieving on my own behalf, instead pouring my magic into other people, this made me laugh.  I was never into achievement for the purposes of buying status symbols, but you can bet every penny I could scrape has been invested in yet more projects.  At the moment, my projects demand high spec computers, so I have invested a couple of months in learning the ins and outs of building them, rather than frantically finding ways to fit work into a 24 hour caring schedule to pay for them.  This makes perfect sense to me.  It is clearly better to learn how to build a £5,000 computer for £400 than it is to go out and buy one.
I am unusual however, and I realise that most people do not think like this, or even know how to go about thinking like this, or are prevented by their love of social conformity.  Spending your life covered in bits of wire, plastic, varnish, paint and whatever else I am usually covered in is not for everyone.  It just does not attract the right kind of boy, for one thing, and it makes you forget what you look like, because it just isn’t that important anymore. (if you picture a squashed female Wolfe with no beard, covered in a variety of coloured garbage and usually wearing something with a strategic rip, you have a good idea of what I look like.  No wonder he is entranced!  Like a punk hobbit.)
This does, however, mean that you get a lot of personal time and space to explore your inner landscape, which is a good thing.  I have a variety of probably unmarketable skills, which make me extremely useful if you have a stately home, with computer room, garden, animals and requirement for handcrafts and throwing a lot of parties, for example, but not particularly desirable if you want a faceless smiling suit, which appears to be more popular.  One day I may find my (presumably blind) ‘Goldfinger,’  but time is getting on.
There are few people that really need to buy everything they want.  Knowledge acquisition is far better for your health, in terms of your long term brain, your open-minded outlook, and your general flexibility.  There is nothing more depressing than a person in a long term rut that assumes that they have ‘made it.’  It does not take much to scratch the surface of insecurity, and they seem to turn out to be rather insecure and unhappy people who do not know very much.
So, my thought for today is – don’t delegate it, do it.  Try learning something new, for the sake of your aging attitude.  Avoid the stiffness of complacency, and enjoy the adventure of doing something you did not think you could do.

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