NHS policy on the elderly

My mother is 90.  She has dementia, she spends a lot of time sleeping, but otherwise, since her change of diet, she is not in pain, she is happy to be alive and apart from her recent episode, her immune system is better than it has been in some years.

Why then, am I being told by every doctor I speak to, that she is to be ‘eased out?’  Why did two nurses become irate when I refused to allow them to start the painkilling/death process, and why has her recovery caused such consternation?

The first thing I was asked when we arrived at hospital this time was whether I wanted her to have any treatment.  The next doctor I spoke to said that if it happened again, they would be ‘easing her out.’  A third doctor, this time a consultant, spoke about making her comfortable and letting it happen.

Why is this even being considered, for a lady who is happy and who has a devoted carer?

The statistics for Alzheimer’s deaths showed that in one year, deaths from Alzheimer’s increased by 31 percent, way above anything that could be considered a coincidence.  My mother does not have Alzheimer’s.  She has dementia, and apart from her physical debility, is a bright and chatty woman.

This weekend, they decided that she had aspirated (highly unlikely, since her swallow is fine, it is more likely that she has sucked on her straw too hard)  and she was left nil by mouth for three days because the SALT team do not work on weekends.  This is exactly how they killed my father.  He went from being a talkative plump man to a skeletal gibbering mess in a very short period of time thanks to painkillers administered by NHS staff for the purposes of making him easier to handle.  I have repeatedly told them that I do not want this to happen to my mother, and I put a great deal of time and money into making sure that it doesn’t.

She was also said to have blood in her stool, and when I investigated the stools, they smelt strongly of charcoal.  A day or two after this, iodine had been put in the catheter, so that she apparently had purple urine.  I was accused of causing this by giving her ‘funky drinks’  Her drinks are carefully and expensively made to improve her functioning so that she can eat.  Rather than ask questions about how this might be achieved for other people, I have been repeatedly attacked and insulted whilst they ignore anything I say and refer to science that does not actually exist.  (see previous post ‘Scientard’)

Why would anyone take a career in medicine in order to ignore the issue of health or nutrition?  Why do these people think they have the right to kill my mother?  I have seen this done three times already.  Is this actually official NHS policy?

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