The Vaccination Debate

So, as usual facebook is full of aggressive and extremely stupid scientard Americans picking off what they imagine to be ditsy hippies and religious nuts by making disgusting comments about their children and their opinions.

I have no children, and I don’t care if you inject your children or not, so let’s clear that rumour up.  What does concern me is the blithe disregard for personal choice these immensely stupid people have.

Having had no less than three doctors assert that my mother is on the hitlist just for being 90 this week, I am probably more aware than most how dangerous it is to give power to the medical community.

I have been pointing this out to these people today.  If you make  vaccines and other injections mandatory, you lose the right to ask what is in the injection, and you lose the right to say no.

Not one of these people have chosen to engage me on this issue of personal choice.  Instead they continue to hurl abuse, even though I have made it clear that they are welcome to inject their children with whatever they like.

As usual this comes down to a question of philosophy.  Have we educated populations so poorly that they cannot see that the real question is not about vaccines at all, but about your rights as an individual to say no?  It is not about infectious disease, but about a corporation’s right to make profits based upon forcing people to do something that is deemed by others to be good for them?

This idea may be welcome to people so conditioned to stupidity that they believe everything they are told, but it is extremely dangerous for the future of humanity.  Doctors in Nazi Germany were more than happy to conduct experiments on prisoners of war.  It is an essential part of the training to carry out orders.

Do you want to live in a world where you are told what to eat, what to have injected into your blood, what to worry about, what insidious activities you have to perform to earn enough to live another day?  This is the era we live in, and it gets worse every day with more and more attitudes like this.

As I said to one of the scientard bretheren:

I suggest we give all stupid people a mandatory injection of poison.  You’ll be first in the queue then.

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