More pics of Jemima Khan

Aaaaaaah that’s better.

Iain Duncan Smith is up next, but it will take a lot of time because he is a bit more operatic.

A theme of dark glamour seems to be developing with the Boris work.  I think I may do a little more for Al for comparison.

There is also a series of handbags for this collection, but handbag work is postponed because I am not miserable enough currently.  Usually I am in a physically repressed state when I have to sew, however the handbags for Boris are very comedic and sweet. (if you can imagine a needle going in and out fifteen hours a day, the reason for my work becomes rather obvious.  I should feel some shame about this, but I really don’t.  The idea of a little plump lady sewing whilst having rampant thoughts amuses me greatly)

As usual with artists, I am challenging myself with these pieces, and am learning as I develop this new branch.  Boris seems to be bringing out the painter in me a little with the handbags, but the resin work is very interesting and I quite like the textile resin experiments.

Toodle pip,




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