Put in your Place

I did something incredibly crazy this week, and then realised that it was not crazy at all.  I was just expressing self confidence, and perhaps a little staggering self-belief.

I am not going to say what that was.  Suffice to say, I have realised over the last few years that people in general are very lazy about their approach to life, and I decided that I did not want to leave any stones unturned making sure I was not like that.

So, despite my having an outrageous amount of work to do, I added more to it.  I have made a kind of no-compromise offer of remote assistance as a safety measure.

I have no idea how this will turn out but I imagine I will cause a titter or two, and then it will be forgotten.  I could be wrong about this, but observation tells me that this is a likely outcome.

Also, in my usual old-fashioned and slightly over-emotive way, I have pinned this on a connection that may or may not exist.  I have no idea of knowing, but it will be interesting to find out.

Aside from that, I am grinding towards the end of my coursework for the moment.  I am slightly frightened to stop, in case I do not wish to do any more for another couple of years.  I have courses backed up from 2016 that I had no time to complete.  Then there is the huge pile of sewing to contend with.  My chest is recovering slightly, but there is a long way to go. Normally I sew for three months and do something else for six.  Because I was so upset over my mother and Little Shiva, this time I did not stop for 16 months.  That is a lot of sewing, and I think this batch is a significant advance on previous work.  It has not done great things for my breathing, however, and I must say sitting on your bottom for that length of time is not great for your health, even when you are super careful to do leg exercises.

I should do some writing now, but I think it is more likely that I will do some resin work and empty the studio.  Pritti Patel, Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Darius Guppy are still awaiting my attention, and the epic Haram Bawbag and the base for Little Shiva.

After that I would like to catch up with the decorating and perhaps some other stuff whilst I build a portfolio for the expansion of Ina.  I also still have two websites needing built, so I will not be idle.

Should the person that called me drop in.  Please text, that way I can reply.  I heard the phone but was unable to get to it in time.  I do not accept anonymous calls.

The post entitled Sick Freak was intended for the giant, not you, please stop worrying.






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