My Dreams are Your Trash (Lady Victory)


Lady Victory
Lady Victory rear

This is the Lady Victory sweater, which has been named as a gag for Viscount Glasgow, who has again annoyed me this month and who will not be getting any more chances to annoy me in the future. His father apparently thought I was a baby machine and toilet cleaner, and he  cannot manage to respond as if I am human, never mind adult either. Not surprisingly, I no longer care whether they survive, which I count as a win.

It featured in my piece of performance art ‘My Dreams Are Your Trash‘ which was performed for a small audience in Finnieston yesterday.  It was an affectionate response to Bawbag’s magnificent earlier performance art piece ‘I’m so desperate to abuse you that I destroyed your work and dumped it on your car.’  which I found exceptionally charming.

I am quite sure he finds that confusing, but I loved it. It was extremely cute. (and a huge relief since he had prevented me from finishing the work on his cafe and the piece in a similar attempt to abuse me, just because he could, almost three years earlier)

He then followed that work up some weeks later with the seminal ‘Look at me, I can destroy your  film set without anyone stopping me‘ and the groundbreaking ‘I am going to insult you as much as I can in front of an audience for little to no reason‘ on the same day (probably to please his unpleasant elderly girlfriend)

He will be delighted to know that I am still fond of and use power tools despite the teachings of whatever hadith he managed to find a reference to women and the use of power tools in.

Anyway this is Glasgow lace, which is my reengineering of Irish lace, and will be featuring in several more pieces in the future as it is so much fun.


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