Gripping news from the Sewing

Today I was mainly working on Sunrise, which was inspired by one of Grumpy’s jackets.  I am fond of the shade.

A lot of my sewing is actually frame making for the very small bits of carpet that I make by hand.  The frames seem to be going through a fairly elaborate phase right now.  I am not sure if Grumpy has brought out the baroque in me, but I am putting a lot of juice into this.

Anyway, Sunrise was looking pretty unpreposessing the last time Grumpy saw it.  I am not usually fond of yellow, but this is a good exercise.  I do not think it will be of practical use for anything apart from staring at.   I often find that the less thinking and the more sewing, the more interesting the result.

I have ordered the stuffing, and most of the cushions are ready for the carpet magic to happen, even if a bit more stitching will be relevant after the carpet is in place. Then I will worry about the sides once I am happy with the images.

I may get the opportunity on Monday of finding out if Haram Bawbag can be removed from the studio as a very old friend got in touch.  Probably safer with two creatives attempting the near impossible.

Once it is suitable weather, a lot of resin work will recommence, and there are three or four pieces of resin work ready to release so that I can get some workspace back.

I am too scared to ask where Grumpy is, but he is away a lot, so not terribly worried. Concentrating on saying a lot with a few sweeps of sewing.



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