The Inevitable Bawbag Post


Ok so Bawbag, of Haram Bawbag fame, has got himself in very bad trouble and managed to make the papers this week.

He has got what he wanted, which was a day in court failing to defend himself and pleading guilty to show what a great guy he is (he really isn’t, but never mind.  He is a perfectly normal level of good and bad with an unfortunate sideline).

So, to address what was in the papers, since it has come to my attention that people think anything journalists write is true, which it certainly isn’t, here is the correct information.

Bawbag suffers from PTSD, alongside his many other disorders, as a result of a very unstable history.  Libya has not been a safe place for a long time, and at the time of the events depicted his brother had been kidnapped by ISIS.

Bawbag’s politics are somewhere to the right of ISIS, and if you consider that, alongside the fact his friends included a Jewish barber, an eastern European mechanic, me and several Asian Muslims, he isn’t particularly racist.  He is however prone to lengthy rants saying whatever he thinks will hurt you most.  His ex girlfriend was well aware of this and she and his other arch enemy made the most of it.

As for tracking people when he cannot directly see them, he did this with me also, and I was not his girlfriend.  He basically lives as if he is going to be attacked all the time. Yes it is annoying, but it is also understandable.

Bawbag has been a royal pain in the ass, and it pains me to defend him after all the unpleasant things he has done to try and get me to return to his care, but I do not think his day in court was particularly constructive. I can only imagine what a wearing nightmare two years of being his girlfriend must have been, but my personal choice is always to avoid things getting as vicious as this where possible. Not casting any shade, I do understand how angry he is capable of making you and I am fortunate that he was kind enough and had the foresight to let me go when he did so that I did not have to go through the stress of this with him. He didn’t particularly want to fight it, he chose to annoy several more people, including me, instead.

What shocked me as a result of a brief canvas of joe public, was just how willing people are to take things at face value. Hence a mentally ill, emotionally distraught man was depicted as a monster and racist and this was accepted quite readily by people who were not at all interested in what had actually happened. This is going to be out there forever, which isn’t great. He will never improve his behaviour with no incentive, he will just get nastier and more frightened.

I am not at all interested in people so willing to make assumptions about me, Bawbag or anything else.  I think anyone willing to be rude to me in the workplace or anywhere else on the basis of bullshit in the news can basically stick their attitude where the sun don’t shine.  I went through enough just keeping things relatively calm with Bawbag, I am not interested in small minds and nasty negative attitudes.

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