You cannot force a person to accept their own worth

So went over to buy my tea with the idea of speaking to Bawbag before he heads to court for sentencing tomorrow.

Bought my tea without fuss, then circled the block to pass to see if this was a worthwhile endeavour.

The vibe was so negative that I gave up bothering to try.

I don’t know how many times I have tried forgiving this idiot for what is pretty unforgiveable behaviour from a friend, he just comes back with more hate. He doesn’t seem to understand that being a toxic friend is an entirely different ballgame from being a toxic boyfriend.  What his girlfriend finds frightening, I merely find annoying and transient.

I realised on the way home that this is all he understands.  He cannot understand that I would be positive at all, so my humour makes no sense to him and everything is reinterpreted as hatred.

It is also a lot easier for him to transfer his hatred for the ex girlfriend that is actually putting him through all this to me.  He did this three years ago and he has apparently not stopped.  You cannot fix stupid.

You might as well hate a cat for being Siamese, he isn’t tremendously capable of change, it is a waste of time.

So, rather than for the umpteenth time trying to offer the guy some help and sympathy, I was filmed with a view to his having me attacked, presumably by another jailbird, at a later date. This is tiresome and pointless and I am tired of trying.

As with the family, at some point you have to accept that people are stupid and nasty and there is no point in bothering with them.

So, rather than the post wishing him well I wanted to write, I am now left thinking it would be far better if he just goes.

It’s all very sad and pointless.


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