Buy a Burka!

As we all thankfully have the right to wear what we want in the UK, I am today starting my campaign for everyone to have a Burka.

We all have days when we would rather not look at anyone or be stared at, so I think we should adopt the Burka as part of UK culture.

This solves a number of rather confusing issues.

  • it means we all have the right to cover our faces so that we can be anonymous with impunity if we so choose.
  • it means there are no further problems with fundamental Muslims assuming that they are being singled out for abuse.  I do not question that sometimes they are, however if we all do it it will make it a lot more difficult for racists and Islamophobes, whether they are justified or not.
  • it clarifies the issue of whether Boris was correct or incorrect to act like a perfectly normal person
  • it means that the Burka no longer has any power in terms of expressing the values of the person wearing it.

What was that you said?  Cultural appropriation? Like the cultural appropriation of cars, dyed hair, computers, mobile phones?  That kind of cultural appropriation?  I think instead we should call it Cultural Integration.

Since I cannot proceed with my project by any other means because my so-called friend is determined to prevent me from working on my film project, I call for everyone in the UK to assist me.

To do so you will require the following:

  • sunglasses
  • black gloves
  • a burka – the top part is fine, as long as you have suitably modest clothing to wear with it.  I would suggest matching it to your outfit.

Obviously you will have to show some sensitivity if challenged, and put up with a lot of staring.

Good luck, and here is an emblem should you wish, like me, to have a t shirt made.

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