Hello Prime Minister


I see I haven’t managed to lose my biggest fan.  I hope you are OK. I have not been at all interested in seeing what is happening since the pandemic.

I was busy dealing with the death and estate of one of the victims of the extended cull, so I was unable to keep updating for some time.

I am making a film, it is not the No Glass Walls series I was planning as I need another person for that, so I have created an interim idea benefitting some of my friends here in Glasgow. Hopefully in the course of the large scale organisation needed in the next six months I will find someone that wants to participate in No Glass Walls.

I do not know why you find me appealing, but it is certainly very encouraging that you check back, so thank you.

I do not think you should marry Carrie, regardless of whomever else you are seeing at the moment. I do not think you want to either.  I am not the only person to think she is actually MI6 and the headless person was not her.

Perhaps you should grow a pair and go for what you really want before it is far too late because she has married somebody else? I could not possibly say who that might be?



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