A New Post At Last

So, it has been some months since my last post.  I got a bit demotivated by various bits of news over the winter, but it transpires that I am on a deadline.

I have a massive new project underway, which is being nay sayed by the only people I talk to, so I think I will be buying my coffee somewhere else as it is becoming rather depressing.

I miss Bawbag, but he is just as bad so there is no point in me going to see him, unfortunately. I have a lot of work to do regardless of whatever he is likely to come up with in terms of stress.

Made some very sweet new friends and am looking forward to working with some of them.

Other projects still awaiting some movement.

It seems to me that milennials are depressed.  They are physically underconfident and they are depressed.  This is likely to cause, and has already caused them to have poor health.  They are considerably less healthy than Boomers or Gen X.

Otherwise, still trucking, have met some amazing people, chatted up by a fitness model, of all things.

If you are one of the people that I am told are badmouthing me or my current project, fyi people smile and take photographs when they see me, I doubt you can say the same.




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