Life hacks for Amos Yee

This post is for Amos, since I notice he is wasting his time with a bunch of social enquirers and not applying himself to actually learning anything.  Moral relativism is a fucking bore.


Here are some free philosophy books.  I recommend at your age, that you skim through these fast, but get a broad understanding.  You will be able to find most of Plato free online, I recommend you start with this as he is a very clear and simple philosopher.  Once the pegs are in place, it is far easier to hang the other philosophers on the pegs.  Go to Aristotle next, then Hobbes and Locke.  After this, do what you like.  I recommend that you read at least two History of Philosophy titles to get a broad overview of where you want to go from there.  There are a variety of options, from what you are saying you are most interested in moral philosophy and basic political philosophy.


Gutenberg free philosophy


Open Culture free philosophy


28 Sites With Countless of Free Philosophy Ebooks


After this, get a basic understanding of the the three greats, Durkheim, Marx and Weber, but do not waste a lot of time on sociology as it is for pussies.


Free Sociology books


More Free Sociology books


You seem to be reasonably bright, so from here go for an introduction to economics.  A-level will do for starters, again there are plenty of free texts online.


Apart from this, you actually need to earn a living, and my feeling is that you would like to do this by expressing yourself.  Bullshit Performance Art is not going to cut it, so you will want to write a book, or improve your scatty blog at some point – I recommend, given your age and capacity for sponging up information, that you immerse yourself in programming languages, graphics and 3d modelling and shoot for making your first game in four years or so.  This will be a far more effective way of getting your point across to a far greater number of people, and as you are likely to need to hide given your location, should enable you to make a living from anywhere with a fairly low profile.  Again, you can get started on this free of charge.  Start with Javascript and C# and work from there.  There are plenty of free tools if you look for them, so do not be tempted to throw money at it.


Do not waste your time discussing alternative forms of government year after year as it is really not useful to you.  Far better to explore the world as it is, armed with useful tools for labelling and looking at it.


Apart from that, well done, your videos are not boring, however you will want to grow out of that shit relatively soon.



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