Little Shiva Update

Hello to my apparent new fan in London.

Spent the last 24 hours moving Little Shiva to the next stage in preparation for the next few layers of the shell.

The big sticking point has been caused by the problem of turning the egg inside out, but I think I have managed to solve it, another few layers should indicate whether this has been a success. I suspect the planned window panes would actually make Little Shiva less comfortable so I am rethinking those.

It is amazing how often large scale structural issues can be solved by indcreasing the horizontal tension on the sewing.  Sometimes your knowledge of stitch engineering can be as strong as adding inert weight.

Haven’t been doing much other than stitching and sculpting, hoping to see some real results soon.  I am digging my heels in a bit about winding this up as a project.  I don’t think trauma is particularly good for achievement as you spend a lot of time cringing and second guessing yourself.

Working on some new clothing ideas, Ina is getting a revamp as an avatar. I think it is now safe for me to be a bit more feminine than it used to be, so I am looking forward to messing around with my image a bit now there is nobody around to shame me out of it. It is most unfortunate that my ghastly family, Little Shiva and Bawbag chose shame as a weapon as it means I have to put some distance in.

It has been nearly five years since my mother died.  I don’t need to listen to quite as much intense music now and value silence a bit more.  It was not an easy thing to have happen to you and so many unforgiveable things were done that I was intensely upset for a very long time. Not good for your health.

Chewing over the film project that will follow this collection.  I don’t particularly want to create a course or do ‘how to’ type videos, so I have spent a lot of time listening to youtubers whilst working to evaluate what will work for Ina.

I have a number of non art related ideas and some entertainment planned.

Still a ton of work to do.  Little Shiva is very much key to this collection, so it has to be right.






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