The Three Pronged Approach

So, we have three pieces of work on the go, all for Boris.

One short story, which is burning away at the moment, and is a little bit ‘Passport to Pimlico.’

One very romantic biography, which is very hazy on veracity.

One more serious piece of work, which I am regarding as a longer term job, which will be moving me into reality somewhat.  I am wary of this, as reality is not a lot of fun, however it is probably time I put my heart and soul into something constructive.

I am aware that my politics do not correspond with my interest in the British economy, however it all makes perfect sense to me.  I have spoken at length about this in the past, but the bottom line is that as far as I can see, my best option at the moment is to provide Boris with the relevant information as best I can, from which he can cherry pick, check back, discuss and otherwise digest what I have to say.  I hope he manages to find the time, but that issue is the reason for the treble whammy approach.  Much like a line drawing to full painting, in effect, with different tones and ways of communicating.

Readers who have read my stuff a few times will know that you get a different story on the second and third reading.  Even I am surprised at times, so this just seems to be my thing.  I am not going to stop and ask why I have the belief that this is the right person at the right time, or whether it is the right thing to do.  It feels right, past experience and current circumstances have led me to believe that I should roll with it.

Still a little artistically constipated, but usually a lot of writing sorts that out, so we shall see what happens.




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