They fired the first person yesterday

Things are pretty normal in Land of the Disposable People.  They fired the first of our team yesterday.  I assumed it would be me as the epicentre of potential trouble, but no, instead they went for a ferociously bright Muslim girl of 30 who is temporarily discombobulated by the fact that she is about to be forced into an arranged marriage.

She is quite difficult to have a direct conversation with because of her temporary confusion, but she has had some great jobs, so she certainly isn’t dim.

This is likely to continue for the next three months or so until they get rid of not only the team I am in, but the team they took on following it, which is even bigger, and the reason is nothing to do with our work, presentation, actions or manner.

No, the reason is that we are working for a global company, who used a global agency, who paid a global rate.

Since 2014 I have scanned the national job advertisements and there is now a significant difference, up to 100 percent in places in wages for the same job at the same company, just on the grounds of where you live in the UK.

Remarkably few people are aware of this, because most people have a significantly easier time finding work than I do.

This is because my CV indicates that I am likely to know more about the job I am doing than they do and employers do not like it. I was comparing notes with a 19 year old who tends to get the jobs I do not get, and he was horrified at the jobs I was not to be considered for.

That, however is not the point of today’s post.  The point of today’s post is that diversity statistics are maintained by companies who can say that they took on at the correct ratio via an agency, and then fire them by any means they feel like, because like me, these people have no rights. This is not useful, cheap or interesting.

I was informed by a 20 something man in a heavy metal t shirt and knee length denim cargo shorts of the dress code yesterday.  I did not laugh.

Explained the logo to some amused morons.  They still can’t explain to me why a joyful middle aged woman is so shocking.

What the fuck are you feeding yourselves? This is an ideocracy.



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