The Problem with Banking

The problem with banking is that it requires only followers.  I am not sure how you expect to run efficiently with no leaders.

Without exception every team leader and manager I have met this year has been extremely mean spirited, thoughtless and inefficient.  This is not how to run any kind of business, never mind a business where working within strict guidelines and communication is so important.

I am done with it personally, it is not the fault of any of these people that this industry is in such a cripplingly bad state.

I welcome the disruption of Brexit.  It might actually force things to improve.  As it stands, this is the worst run part of the UK,  because it has been safe for so long.

Also, I have noticed since my hop and skip through the business, is that it is ass-backwards in terms of risk management.  I am not sure why the back end is so tightly managed that nobody is either happy or capable of any initiative, and yet the front facing end, which has by far the highest cost-risk implication is run as if it is of slightly less consequence than the average wine bar.

Please do continue to take on stupid inane people who can’t see beyond the end of their nose, and take an industrial scale nosedive, because frankly this business has so much money that they actively seek ways of disposing of it.  The people who benefit from this are largely very dull witted and there is no way of saving the industry as a result.

There are people starving to death in this country whilst you piss money at the nearest wall.  Personally I look forward to the long awaited reset of wealth and economic reshuffle which we sorely need in the UK and the rest of the western world.

That was a nice break, I think I will go and do some real work with some real people who aren’t closet racist/sexist, closed minded twats with no life to speak of.

For the benefit of my readers, I am doing some editing as I notice my ‘type fast and throw it at you’ technique is not so good for the reader.  Sorry about that, but it takes some front to put the stuff out there, so I tend to work too fast. I don’t enjoy quite a bit of what I do.



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