Going to chat with a gentleman about a possible directorship, so rather happy about that.  Book has a good response so far, and Asher seems to be a very popular new character.

It has been a rotten year so far.  It would be nice if things got better now.

Please stop them from hitting the website using the bank computers.  If you have to block the website from the bank servers, I am more than happy to write to the correct person if that is what is necessary.

SB2 is, however, very welcome to keep staring if he wants via his mobile.  It has been more than three months since we last saw each other, so if that makes him happy it is fine. There is nothing further I can do to remedy the situation.  Not my fault, I’ve done everything I can possibly do. Hope you’re OK otherwise. Sorry that you and SH chose to be so blisteringly stupid. I do not think any of you really deserve jobs as you are not competent to manage if you treat people like that.

Hoping to have things up and running again next week.




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