More Asher

This last title has been enormously popular already, and I have a had a number of requests, including from the man himself to write more, so I think Asher will be getting a lovely series of his own.

The original plan was to package it with Stories for an Ignorant Man, however Asher is such a happy and lovely character, with so much potential that I think he will be getting a full book to himself.  Stories for an Ignorant Man will have to wait for another horrible person to be parcelled with by the looks of things.  That could take some time, since I do not seek out horrible people.

I am very wary of changing Ina’s tone to include erotica, so I think I may be starting another pseudonym for anything stronger than Ina’s current ‘Bedtime wit for Adults.’ The ‘real’ Asher might enjoy some so I will experiment a bit and see what I can do with it.

I also have a couple of other things I need to work on, and I need to earn a living, so there is a lot to do.

On the artwork side, I haven’t been able to work on anything for months now, with the exception of a couple of minutes on the remaining pieces for Boris. This is due to concerns about money mainly.

I have some plans to do some things for this project, and the materials are on the way, although they will probably again not be on this website.

The worry has not been doing me much good, health wise, so I have to put some time into that too.

I have no idea why I am getting further attention from the bank, however I am now going to be finding out how to get in touch with IT and prevent any further misuse of computers.  This has gone on long enough.

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