The New Collections and Upmarket Interior Designers

This week has been most interesting.  I have been mini-touring interior designers and generally looking around whilst making some alterations.

So far the new collection has 7 or 8 cushions, about ten pairs of shoes, 8 handbags, some of which have been around for a while, three tables, and I have plans for another couple of chairs.  All of this will take some time to complete.

Once that is done I will be producing an updated brochure, since I doubt my business card is making it to the right people even when at the unit. Units vary wildly, you can tell the serious ones by the quality of the goods by and large.  Interior Designers tend to be very busy or not have anything to do depending on how well they are perceived. How I am perceived tends to depend on how serious they are.

I think that is plenty to be getting on with, so now I am making colour decisions.  I would like to present a more differentiated palette than usual, as I feel some of my colour experiments are a little bit predictable. I would also like to do some lighting work.

The shoe process would be greatly aided with some further research, I have a nice fast method now, but I need to mock up a pair and actually try walking in them.  I have resolved some of my issues with this style of shoe, but I suspect afficionados of this will object to the small changes I have made.  I obliterated the seam issue, so now it is a question of whether I have left enough internal space for the lining changes I want to make.

The work situation is looking quite positive apart from that, and I am a day’s work away from being able to release a couple of new lines elsewhere.

Starting to get a bit antsy about writing, so I may have to take a break after a lot of carpet work is complete.  This is likely to take a day or two of hardcore work.

Very content with progress, and looking for some feedback really.  Books going well, but I think it is time to update and sort out the administrative issues with actually selling some written work.

Very tired for now.


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