September Progress

Little Shiva is still being coated and awaiting some carpet and the addition of the tongues once I have completed that part.  After this bit is done, whenever that is, the resin portion will start and will take several weeks.  The damaru base also needs work, and a tiled base is planned for the whole piece.

Haram Bawbag is at a standstill until I have time to go and work on it, there is a lot of sanding and varnishing to do before the glass is added.

Shoes and bags are progressing slowly as I am working on some new cushions, which I am making to establish a more subtle colour range.

I seem to have a major thing for small snappy, chatty dudes with beards and hats.  I had no idea.  I am not all that sad about it. This one seems to be colour sensitive, which probably means the shoes will be very interesting when I am happy with the shape.

Working very hard but at least I have time to sew.

Apart from that, launching a new range of products and website building, and a national company are thinking of allowing me to run a few sites. That would be a nice change, but not chicken counting and there is no way I will stop doing what I am currently doing regardless, as it is fun and keeps the sewing going.  Besides which, I like the people I work with in at least two jobs.

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