And so ends another week…

This week has been good, a lot of downloads of Went to Woo a Porn Star for some reason, but never mind.  It is a nice story, I was a little bit annoyed at the crap formatting of the online version so if downloading it, please get an alternative format to the online reader.

So far, the direction of the new collection is most interesting.  I did a bit of surfing around to see the difference between Hindu and Sikh art and I was perked up a little by this. Little Shiva and Cute Grumpy Shoe Muse are rather perfect in terms of source in this case.

I work from very scanty information and in this case it has become something of a case of poison and antidote. Little Shiva is very glitzy and punchy, and the new stuff is subtle and technically more advanced, very much a metaphor for the respective religious art styles generally.

I am looking forward to seeing it all when it is finally complete.  I am currently working on a bean bag, although it will be significantly more structured than a traditional bean bag, and it is looking very promising as a concept piece to start the cushion collection.

Haven’t done too much with the shoes.  Did bump into shoe muse today and entirely forgot to ask him for clog information as I was working and/or pleased to see him. Hopefully he will drop by when the project is a little further on so I can discuss it further.

It would have been nice if Haram Bawbag had been a decent representation of Islamic art, but since living things cannot be depicted in Islam, the very premise of any of my work is actually Haram.  I’m leaning towards the original name for it now.

Hilariously, I captured the sight of an oil and dairy millionaire declaring that he was in support of the climate strike with a huge paper poster rendering of a tree of life in front of a window of Mac computers this week. This encapsulates just about everything wrong with our current society in one neat image.  I was unable to resist taking a photograph.


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