Where is Boris?

Now this topic has been burning away on social media all day.

We have seen a variety of hilarious fanboi excuses today, including mentions of his ‘heavily pregnant fiance’ – I am guessing these people think that celebrity pregnancies are a bit like soap opera pregnancies with artifically speeded up gestation.

Personally, were I blessed with privilige and running the country, I would be seen to do as much as possible for the thousands of families who are losing members at the moment, whether that was effective or not.

The fact he is demonstrating that he and the totty are far more important that anything you or public services could possibly need tells you a lot about the failures of the British system.  He is hoisting himself by his own petard

Piers Morgan has finally become useful as a surrogate opposition, since we no longer have one, and even The Times has today published a damning article about the mismanagement of the pandemic. It is not looking very good.

The fanboi tories online are expressing great outrage that anyone would question anything Boris does, as if the 130000 dead under austerity and however many they kill this time don’t exist because they don’t have their faces on the TV.  They don’t even seem to give a shit about the relatively well off doctors and nurses dying due to inadequate PPE because the intention was for them to be the weapons of this eugenics project and spread the virus whilst treating other things.  You have to admit, it is an incredibly effective way of reducing ultimate burden on the NHS if you wipe out the patients. It is basically what was done to my parents and many other elderly people every day, they have just extended it.

It seems that what is likely to come next is the inevitable attempt at a mandatory vaccine and probably ID scheme.

People are still wandering around as if they are on holiday and are FAILING TO TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ENDING THE LOCKDOWN.

Here is some Mongolian death metal to cheer you up in the meantime.







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