You are so much fun

Good show, that man. Nice work.

Right I suggest we deal with the public mask issue via the businesses that are still open.  If you get the supermarkets and petrol stations masked, goggled and gloved that should get us about a third of the way to persuading the biohazard public to mask up. There are also spray disinfectants available for air that they could be using as the virus hangs for three hours after an infected person has been in.

There was an issue with the Guardian a couple of weeks ago, who were reporting Professor David Heyman at the  WHO of saying that masks were no good for protection, only for protecting others.  I suspect that he would be delighted to emphasize the protecting others rather than the useless bit.  The Guardian have misreported this twice now.  I think Heymann might be a good man for you to talk to about getting the public to cover up.  Here is his email address if you want to pass it on to your czar.

I got through the virus quite easily, because despite being a lazy little fat lady, I am a health freak and eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.  I have managed to get the word out to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ghana that basic defense is a lot of fruit and masking up as I managed to batter it before I even got to the sick/coughing part of the illness.  Still not doing stress, though.  That appears to be key.

So, you may wish to consider a nutritional adviser to make some statements regarding improvements in people’s diets.  That could use up some newstime and establish your continued interest in the welfare of the UK.  I also suggest some statements are made regarding unity, since policy is making you look more than a little anglocentric.

My friend is a leading journalist in Slovenia, so she had the Italian material.  PPT 2.5 and above is OK for civilian use, so they can find that quite easily via ebay.  Rubber gloves are way better than surgical, they last longer, can be used with mobile phones and are bleachable.

Get moving on this quickly too, perhaps delegate it to give the shitshow something to say other than telling us how marvellous we are when it isn’t true.

Tracing I think we may be too late for, but an accurate picture of areas the infected are in within cities would be enormously helpful for opening back up. Then we can get on with all the other stuff we need to get done to get this back on track.

Better late than never.



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