Solid Self Perception

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If you want to change your life, the first thing to do is change your self-perception.

If you want to change someone else’s, the first thing to do is change their self-perception.

This, I have learned over the years, can be positive or negative, and even at my strongest ever, I have serious problems when I am challenged.  This is for a variety of reasons, the main one being the residual symptoms of CPTSD.  This weakness makes my reaction to irrational or illogical insults a little bit slow.

I simply do not understand why I am, like Boris, a magnet for bile.  Herd mentality means that once one sheep baas, several more follow no matter what you do, and the only real solution to it is to completely ignore it and carry on being your own positive and definitive self.

I have got a lot better at strategy with large groups however, and I am hoping that I retain this implicit knowledge and put it to good use.  I have no idea of the rules of the wall game, but losing to win is working well for me.

I am wearing my logo a lot at the moment, for my own benefit as much as anyone else’s.  It makes the other things I do make sense.  The bigger picture is always positive, always positive, always positive.

I am bored stiff with the cabling issue now.  They have arrived, but do not work with the director and editors Mac.  This means I will have to do the editing and it is very time consuming.  I also need to verify that it can be done on the computers here.  It is all tiresome in the extreme.

I have managed to fix the sick film director.  I dragged him back up here and fed him pineapple and coffee every time he woke up.  It took roughly six hours to get him on his feet, and at the twelve hour point he is breathing easily and able to consider doing things other than bore me senseless about his imminent death.  Even someone who has seen me fix my health issues twice, in the form of extreme weight loss and age reversal, and who witnessed me saving my mother’s life when the NHS couldn’t, apparently needs me to stand over him with a sharpened stick poking the stuff down his throat.

He is now well enough to be demanding a spanking.  He has been asking for this for seventeen years now, and I still can’t be bothered, so I am not sure how long he thinks it will take before I get around to it.

Such is life in the beehive.  I will be working all night tonight, as the air pressure issue is making me rather sleepy just now.

Don’t worry Boris, all this will pass, and it will be fine.  By order!  I want to see a book on someone better than Churchill the killer.






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