Superficial Liberalism and Racists

Today I had a very irritating conversation with a dude that could not understand my retweet.  It was in relation to Poland.  He was feigning horror at Poles in England having said they would stay forever, but since the attack in Harlow, they do not think that they will.


My retweet informed him that since sending the 1-2 million workers, and in some cases entire families to the UK Poland has, in the meantime created conditions for the subcontracted employment of workers from North Korea, who work in closely monitored gangs for a very small wage so that the regime gain foreign currency.  They pick people with families, who are at risk until they safely return.  They also employ Portuguese workers, who are apparently willing to work for less than the Polish workers were.


Who decides who the valuable humans are?  Is it Poland, whose politicians have described African immigrants as ‘human garbage?’  Is it the trendy liberal implying that I am a racist?


Members of the Polish government have suggested scrapping benefits altogether, to dissuade immigrants from wishing to settle there, and their sense of nationalism is so strong that they have openly said that Muslims, and refugees from countries such as Syria are not welcome.


To your average British racist/xenophobe, the fact that the Poles come here, undercut existing business, work for less money and send what they do not spend home directly damages their welfare.  British wages are lower, the local culture changes, the appearance of the street changes with populations who prefer to live together in a sometimes hostile environment.  This greatly aided the case for Brexit, since it is perceived that supply outstrips demand.


With my economics hat on, this is not strictly the case.  Full employment is a case of prioritising the case for full employment.  Business does not want full employment.  If a bank requires 6 hedge fund managers to turn up for interview, for example, this means that there need to be at least 40 unemployed hedge fund managers at any one given time.  Hence, the unemployed population must reflect this.  Likewise, if a shopfitting company wish to choose from 200 carpenters for ten temporary jobs, this creates a perceived political requirement for 500 unemployed carpenters willing to work in that particular area.


The EU is a nice idea.  Free movement is a nice idea.  It is open to extreme exploitation by countries such as Poland, and it is certainly highly desirable for companies who want more and more choice when it comes to their employees.  What is not OK, is shifting millions of people from the Polish population to a country which already has an unemployment and welfare problem in order to exploit suffering people from a poorer country.  Hence, we see that the EU is not a good idea for the general population, particularly if you are on the shittier end of the stick.


In no way should these attacks be happening, but if you can imagine what will happen if Scotland achieves independence and stays in the EU.  There are only around two and a half million jobs in Scotland currently.  It will not take much before the Scottish population takes much the same attitude as the poorer English regions to immigration.  Do you really want to see Scotland covered in hastily built housing, crippling native unemployment and circulating currency which is continuously sent to another country?  Even Spain has an astonishingly high unemployment rate now.  This suits business, but people are stifled, from having families, buying houses, starting businesses.  People suffer. The economy suffers.


What irritates me intensely is that you are not allowed to speak about this.  If you do, you are immediately branded a racist/xenophobe.  If I put it to you that eventually you should be willing to share your bedroom with 22 Europeans, would you then understand what the problem is?


I have seen many friends, former socialists, who have gone from heartfelt defence of ‘the glorious worker,’ class hatred and the pretension of solidarity to absolute and very real racism because they are frightened.  They already have very little, and they fear losing it.  The same social classes who both at school and afterwards assumed that I was ‘a snob’ and did not understand them, now direct their hatred at immigrants.  Such is the nature of having very little, fully expecting that the future involves having even less.


The point is that we have an increasingly stratified population looking for things to tut at in the same way old ladies used to tut at the News of the World whilst buying it on a regular basis.  They tut at attacks on foreigners, they tut at people who want to leave the EU, they tut and look for the nearest foreign person they can patronise so that they can then look down their nose at anyone who has the audacity to say “Actually I was first in that queue.”  It is the usual very successful strategy of divide and conquer.  Fear of poor people is only to be encouraged in a conservative world, after all.


So, I ask you, who is the real racist?  The person who chastises you for using the word Muslim, even though you have far greater awareness of the Muslim population than they do and have the vocabulary to discuss it rationally, or the little oik that openly says they hate Muslims and wishes they were not in the UK?  With the latter, you can reason with them and educate them, with the former, you are condemned to silence by their stinking sense of entirely fake knowledge and self-worth. In the meantime, hate groups of other faiths, nationalities and interests feel no shame at all in protecting their interests.


Are you willing to allow your culture to be destroyed?  It would not, as I have demonstrated, take a great deal of erosion for you to view the world very differently.  In Scotland, we currently have the now Marks and Spencers-led attempt to call anything Scottish, British. We have been in an economic war with Westminster for fifty years.  Are you ready for the cultural war which they have already declared?  Once you have fought that, are you ready for the cultural war with the EU which is likely to follow?


Finally, I will leave you with the example of the Andaman Islands, in the Bay of Bengal.  These islands had four untouched colonies.  There are hundreds of islands, but India decided to settle on the occupied islands.  Out of four colonies, three are perishing and losing their land and seclusion to India, who have actually been fairly gentle in their domination of other people’s land.  Only the Sentinelese are likely to survive, because they have refused to speak to the emissaries sent by India.


Nationalism is not all about hate, it is about survival and very wisely protecting yourself. Globalism, on the other hand, is for people who got lucky, feel very superior and cannot see far enough into the future to see their children’s children made slaves to corporations who have long since lost sight of their role serving, rather than dictating to consumer populations.  Cling to your nationalism, because once you have lost it, you have no way back short of destruction of your enemy.



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