Busy Day

Tomorrow is very busy indeed, but progress on the bean bag is looking good.

I don’t really have to think about the work I do, it usually just happens.  There are decisions to be made in the course of doing it, of course, but they don’t tend to require much effort either.  The work itself is very intense, but this is greatly aided if you are alone and listening to music.

Little Shiva is on my bedroom floor awaiting some attention before completing the waterproofing, after which I will be creating the outer shell.  Even without the shell, which weighs about 6 kilos before sealing, which will probably take another 10 or so, it is now hard to carry.

Little Shiva the person, despite what he did to me, whether it was intentional or not, needs to see this piece of work.  It is not so much of a case of my being devotional, or anything that direct.  Generally the pieces are channelled rather than thought through, and he was unusually in need of the statement.  How you regard this is a personal matter, I just felt it was a piece worth making. It is likely to become a key piece on the website.

The bean bag, whilst it uses many of the same techniques, is probably going to become something more solid than what you would associate with a bean bag.  I am wondering whether to give it a solid base, as it will be very solid and the exoskeleton is becoming very tense. This person is very creative and I would like to take this opportunity to engage him in thinking about something outside his normal day.

I will not have time for the studio over the next few days, as I have a lot of paperwork and other things to do, but there are at least three pieces down there that I would like to finish first.

Met another lovely person today, who invited me for tea.  I did not really answer this clearly, so should he stop by the website, yes I would be delighted but not on shift as the Haram Bawbag experience was not the best and I am wary of mixing work with visiting, if that makes any sense.

Still perfecting my public sewing routine, but I think it is developing rather well – at least I am happy.

Not sure why I am under investigation politically, but probably wasting your time.  Should my assistance be required, all you have to do is email. I would be more than happy to be asked and will gladly give up some time for my friend.

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