The usual suspects

Since I last posted, we have had visits from Little Shiva, malignant sister, the Sadist, Haram Bawbag.  This is rather tragic.  Why can’t you manage to make your lives more interesting?

In the meantime, I am working on two new stores, still moving towards the release of my new project, and am thinking how best to approach a project I will not be releasing for another year.  I have two new jobs alongside my existing workload, and have completed some tasks I was behind with because I was spending too much time with my friend.

Had a look at Bawbag’s cafe today.  It looks a bit like a stoned teenager’s bedroom.  I could not even be bothered reading the menu.  Bawbag’s thing seemed to be to pretend to be you, even as he tells everyone else that you are whatever he has made up.

It seems to me that being stupid is currently considered highly desirable, and that the only way of either meeting anyone or gaining any security is to pretend to be stupid.

Met an old co-worker this week who had worked for an ex boyfriend and mistook me sculpting for something he used to do.  The ensuing conversation was quite funny.

I’m tired of just about everything.  People such as the above seem to be largely full of shit, and shit is very very boring.  Why don’t you spend your time getting lives of your own? Try some introspection.

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