General update on stuff

Last Sunday I got a passing visit from Muriel Gray, who was out doing a 10k.  This Sunday I will be parking in a different spot.

Adding some entirely new features to Little Shiva, which are taking some time.

Haven’t done any resin work this week as I am awaiting a decent ventilation mask to prevent the fume inhalation, which is a significant problem.  This puts about five pieces of work behind, so I think I will be making this a priority on Monday or so.

Not really thinking about anything apart from getting the businesses started and moving the artwork on.  I am aware that I am very behind with my writing, but sometimes this makes things better.  I like to employ a kind of balancing act between thinking and creating.

Multitudinous problems with the new artwork, including two days of graphics work lost because my friend’s mac died, which is tooth-grindingly annoying.  This means we will have to spend more time redoing it on mine, with attendant shouting.

Bawbag doing a  bit of lurking. Pretending not to notice.

Think I will do some remedial work on Pritti Patel this week as I do not currently like it.

Digging jazz at the moment, hepcats.



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