Confirmed Single

Well the fabulous job turned out to not exist, this was a well known finance specialist who apparently cocked up this time. I was not the worst off out of it, I am quite sure the rest of the people who were supposed to start the job had handed their notice in before Christmas and are now jobless because of it. I hope he is happy with destroying a few lives.

So the next thing that happened was I was in the running for the best possible alternative option, and the person in charge of recruitment turned out to have a personality disorder, so as usual mistook me for a doormat. It is amazing how many people percieve kindness as being a weak thing. My siblings could now tell you the two do not go together. Fuck with Ina, and Ina will cheerfully fuck with you.

This week, started a few new ventures in the world of sales. Having a lot of high and low level research experience is helpful if you wish to investigate the world of sales, since research involves an ability to engage people extremely quickly in order to extract information needed to complete whichever task you happen to be doing. Time will tell how this goes but the most fascinating role at the moment involves speaking to wealthy people.

Because this realm has traditionally been the realm of male salespeople, the pitching is rather dick led, so I am experimenting with ways of making this work with a female voice, as surmounting objections with ridicule doesnt tend to work if you sound like a bowl of melted chocolate on the phone.

Saw one of the most fascinating faces ever this week. Did not know who it was when it popped up on the screen and spent what feels like ten minutes scrutinising it. Was probably actually about forty seconds but it has cheered me up immensely. It is amazing what you can pick up from a face, even in the absence of audio. I have come to the conclusion, however, that I am not going to have any more relationships with anyone. All most men need or want from me is validation, and I find it pretty easy to supply that and then everyone gets on with their day. I am not sure I could tolerate anything more than that anyway since I do not trust anyone.

Anyway, that’s it, tired of incompetents but the new stuff is quite interesting. Off to sort out my neglected self since I am pretty sure the fascinating face will be staring back for a bit of self soothing of homesickness.

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