Ned in M and S

So today was pretty cold and it is rare that I can wear my own work because it is pretty weatherproof, so I took the firecoat out for a spin, which was pretty funny.

Once I had finished making it, which was the tail end of the pandemic, hence the mask in the pic, I had put it away as it took A LOT of work and Grimes was too busy to see my very small number of posts featuring it anyway. I don’t exactly make the intent clear, they have to be paying attention. Boris has been the star of the show in terms of encouragement so far, with Wolfe running a close second due to general bewilderment.

So I am in M and S getting some couscous and this woman is in the queue in front of me and becoming agitated. I wasn’t near her, or looking at her, next thing that happened was a customer service person comes along and tells the ‘wummin’ that he is opening a new checkout, to which she retorts that he should tell ‘hur behind’

Again I am nowhere near her, I haven’t looked at her or spoken to her, and the customer service person is clearly confused and opens the checkout. I very politely redirected my basket and waited for her to go into the new queue.

I try smiling whilst not looking at her and waiting for her to move. She flings another aggressive ‘Yes I am actually’ before going into the queue. I still haven’t looked at her and give her a wide berth. She leaves, smirking as if she has achieved something. I was tempted to ask the customer service person what it was about, but he was just as confused as I was so it seemed a bit pointless.

WTF? When I made it several months ago, it attracted admiring glances and expressions of wonder, not pathological aggression from numpties. Is this what high food and electricity prices do to people?

I do not spend a lot of time in public, precisely to avoid twats like this. I am getting a bit fed up with it.

I have put up with an awful lot of monkeys flinging their poop around, it’s extremely boring.

Do better. Your poor self image has nothing to do with my artwork. Why are bullies always such fucking boring people? Is there a bullying rulebook that you all follow?

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