Very upset

The employer, or the audience, is looking through the posts on SB to ascertain what has happened.

I am a very open person these days, and I am quite glad of it actually.

This dude started off being super polite, and as long as I looked as if I fancied him was very attentive following the initial comment about his seriousness being beautiful.  (how raunchy lol).  The problem arose when it was established that he was with someone and I knew about it.

I went to some lengths to repeatedly apologise for my saying it, and assumed that his more unpleasant behaviour was down to stress.

At no point during this episode did he stop staring at me.  I do not know what that is all about.  I even said to my friend last night – why does he keep looking at me as if he is very hungry and about to eat me?

I did not attempt to use any of his unpleasantness against him.  Quite the reverse, when he sent my email to his employer trying to get me fired I recommended him as a great manager, and when I sent the letter about changing shifts I specifically said the weekend staff were great rather than mentioning him then.

Last night, I sent a message asking whether I could give him the book (on CPTSD) without him becoming angry or hysterical and he responded with more bile about me being inappropriate by asking, with some added abuse about me not being good enough.

I finally cracked as this was my third attempt at defusing the situation and the third humiliation response.

Anyway, I told him that I no longer have any respect for him, that he is very poor at dealing with people and that trying to get me fired over an email had been responded to by telling his bosses how marvellous he was.  He has no response to that, strangely enough, short of sitting on the website waiting to see what I say next.

Not that he will apparently understand any of it anyway, but it looks as if Big Fat Kaffir Whore hit the nail on the head.  He doesn’t see me as a person, and thinks I exist to be humiliated by a nasty and presumably horny staring brat (why else would you spend most of your time staring at one person?  Every time I turned round he was staring)

I wish I could have helped him, but I can’t and I shouldn’t have bothered trying.h

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